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  • I was looking through my stats and I noticed the farm I built directly south of Pearcy Post was not listed under my buildings.
    If I might make a suggestion, it would help to clear up the confusion if you put the amount of food and water facilities are producing next to the facility, it would also help us determine where the resources come from. Again, this isn't too pressing, if you choose to do it, it could even wait till the next stats update.
    On the stats, you forgot to include the production of the farms, water purifiers and ammo presses and possibly a couple other production facilities, or at least that is the case for my stats. It doesn't matter much for planning orders, but I figured I'd bring it to your attention.

    Also, my short distance radios still arn't on the stats. Thanks for the update. I'll have the map done sometime tonight.
    How much range do my stationary artillery guns at Pearcy Post have, and is it safe to assume that it has no large scale receiver/transmitter within the outpost, working condition or otherwise?
    Was I able to fabricate those radios? I didn't see them in my stats, or are two way radios assumed?
    I thought of 2 suggestions for the game. A loyalty/Unity stat might be interesting so that leaders can't be extremely reckless or go against the will of their people so much. If it got to low, players might face minor revolts and such within their faction.

    Another thing you may want to consider is making weapon stockpiles location based. Collective stockpiles don't quite make sense for towns when raider attacks will be immediate things. Food, Water, Ammo, and such can be transported in a timely manner for those needs, but battles are immediate.

    I'll have my orders in a bit.
    Hey.... I'm leaving for Spring break very soon. Any chance I can get my stats earlier (As I'd like to send orders. :) )

    thanks man, I'm enjoying this NES a lot!
    Ok, I suppose that works, but may I suggest it gets included in a spoiler in the missions section next update? It would make it a little easier to notice what we get. Thanks :)
    I take it my expeditions to the golf courses did not turn up any carts?
    And my expedition to the airfield, found nothing of significance beyond scrap?
    Is the land around lake Mae arable?

    Great update BTW.
    Ya, I have my own personal map that I use for planning orders/my next move. Unlike what I did with the EQ NES, I won't be marking landmarks this time, just cities/outposts because I'm sure I'll quickly run into the landmarks/page limit otherwise, just like what happened in BOTWAWKI.

    No worries on the VM, if you look at my logs, you will see I did the same thing initially as well. :)
    I'll keep it up to date Dark, don't worry. Btw, VM's work better if you respond on the other persons profile, as they get a message in their message center. The easiest way to do this is to hit view Conversation before you reply.
    That depends on Teckno, he runs the map. About the best I could do right now would be to Adobe the map in the first post to show hot spots.
    i don't know if I answered you, Teckno, but the area around Raven Rock is much like in Fallout 3: bleak, rocky, with few visable buildings save for the Sat-Comm towers. You won't know much more until after scouting.
    Dark, would you mind adding in the Northern Legion to update 0? My brother has most of his orders done and is waiting on his mission before submitting them.
    The Bay nearly glows in the dark, and you should avoid swimming, but most of the land can be visited safely. The Air and Naval stations nearby in Alameda are highly radioactive, however you have equipment for a few people on short trips.
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