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  • Are you planning on updating the Vanilla Mafia thread any time soon? We've been waiting three days for an update. :undecide:
    Don't bug me about a late update when all of yours in the vanilla game have been late...
    As my sig says, I'll have less access to the net starting Feb 4. Until I get there, I won't know HOW MUCH less. I know I'll have no access in the mornings or weekends, but I could have normal access otherwise, or I could have very little, I just don't know.

    I'm getting to Florida Feb 4. If its still open on Feb 7, I may join depending on circumstances. That said, if you fill up earlier, start without me.
    If I joined, would you form a fellowship with me? Is that really the extent of the MMO aspect?
    Hmm, I may play... Could you give me some details on it?

    (I value a person's opinion more than what the site itself says)
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