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  • So, are orders due on the midnight between Thursday and Friday, or the midnight between Friday and Saturday?
    "Gaborone, Afrikaan Unie – The Afrikaners continued the trend of brutal invasions on the African continent this month with the invasion of Botswana. The Afrikaan “Manifest Destiny” army stormed into Gaborone after bombing much of the city from the air. Once in the city, ground forces mopped up the bloody mess that used to be the Batswana army. A declaration was made to the rest of the country, surrender or be bombed into submission like Gaborone. Unsurprisingly, the full surrender of Botswana occurred, mostly because there was no more military to defend them. The southern African nation must now learn to live under the boot heel of President Adren Saanders while the rest of the region dreads his coming."

    Just brining this typo into attention. :)

    According to Wiki Timbuktu and the Delta are not exactly close together. Can you please point the area out to me with a map or just specifying which one you are talking about?
    Hey, Map stolen and added.

    Don't think that since there are no Civ Zones in SubSahara it wouldn't work though; you just have some extra time to work on your unique culture and propagate a family tree of NPCs. :p
    EDIT: Here is what is inscribed upon the Stone of Alliance

    The Great People of Aostra and Aisonia agree to work together for the glory of All Greeks.
    Aisonia is given Sovereignty westward to the Balkan Spine, and northward to the passes of Macedonia, thus Aisonia promises to protect these funnels into Greece, and protect the Grecian people from barbarians.
    Aostra will bring culture and bronze to Aisonia, and recuits for their wars and trade for their merchants.
    Together, from the Northern Mountains to the Southern Seas, Greece will stand between them.


    This will fit the backstory. The Stone of Alliance is the reason how the bronze age culture got so far north, and he storm that devastated your island would have ended the trade of this bronze, which leads directly to furthur wars.

    Just checking to see if you are ok with the wording of that in the backstory.
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