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Dec 25, 2014
Apr 8, 2001
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Apr 3, 1990 (Age: 30)
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Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
History student

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Regeneration In Process, 30, from Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia

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Dec 25, 2014
    1. nutranurse
      Though how willing to go against the lore would you be? Once you throw this to the hands of NESers I expect it'd get messy.
    2. nutranurse
      Yeah, I have it and I've skimmed through it! Seriously--greatest fantasy race ever. But I am liking the Lunar Empire the more I read about it.
    3. nutranurse
      Holy poo-poo that IS awesome. I've got more reading to do.

      Really, I just want to play as Duckmen in whatever GloranthaNES. Make a DuckmanNES.
    4. nutranurse
      I'm not familiar w/ the Lunar Empire/that side of the third age, but I'd definitely be interested and am gonna read up on it now that I have some links! (The thing that bothers be about Rune/Heroquest is that most of its lore is hard to find on the internet for some reason :C)
    5. nutranurse
      I use IRC (I'm on #nes a lot, either as nutranurse or omeganurse), as for a GloranthaNES...? Since I'm terribly biased I'd say set it in Dragon Pass and have the players act as the various clans. It's a small enough focus to be feasible and there are a lot of mechanics set down if you've ever played Kingdom of Dragon Pass (i.e. Carls/Weaponthanes/Slaves populations, cattle/horse/grain/treasure for currency/ep).
    6. kkmo
      [pester] You should really give Sekai II a try. [/pester] :p
    7. nutranurse
      Oh it will be good :D I'm excited for this NES, but at the same time I am going to try and not pressure myself into forcing out updates if I do not feel they are ready/quality/make any sense (as much sense that can be made in this strange setting, as you will see). That way I prolong my interest and we all profit!
    8. nutranurse
      Very good! Re-re-revised the update to make it coherent. Posting in a few hours!
    9. Nuka-sama
      Hey could I talk to you on nes chat?
    10. Kraznaya
      hey, are you going to post your stance on the peace of nikias?
    11. Dachs
      wheee finished

      mostly, still need to write that overview section, but events to 1932 are in tha BAG
    12. Lord_Iggy
      I'd like to get started on the update right now, but there's been very little story-writing so I don't have a lot of material to work off of. Hopefully the updating process will start next weekend.
    13. Masada
      yeah but the immortals are nao gods

      I don't want to have to worship myself :(
    14. Masada
      nutranurse's new one is related to aros woooooooooooo
    15. Masada
      Soooo I heard u go on #nes nao?

      This is good. I need someone else to chat to for the graveyard shift.
    16. Lord_Iggy
      Hammenammir was originally played by Shadowbound, if you'd like to ask a few details of him. They're skilled strategists and planners, but at the same time possess many illogical traits and contradictions. In a sentence, their outlook on the world and their purpose in it could be characterized as: 'We must fight to redeem ourselves from a legacy of violence'.

      Ysir have a distinct 'Victory at All Costs' mentality. For example, if you fight an enemy, who controls more of your homeworld than you do, while you possess stronger forces in space, it is considered a reasonable action to annihilate your own homeworld in order to give you a greater chance of emerging ahead of your opponent.

      This may be an explanation for how the Ysir ended up as wanderers. ;)

      Anyway, I thought you'd be very interested, and they're one of the most cool, yet undeveloped species currently present in the NES.
    17. Lord_Iggy
      Hey there das. You just disconnected from #nes, so I'll finish what I was saying.

      The Hammenammir is a very interesting group. The Hammenammir is the civilization of the Ysir, who live in social groupings called 'Hammes'. They are space-migrants originating some distance out towards the galactic rim, and are searching for their 'promised land'. Currently, they're split into two groups, the Migrants and Habitants- the latter believes that they have found their homeworld, the ribbon-planet known as 'Destination', while the former are convinced that this world is merely a false lead.
    18. nutranurse
      Not at all a problem! I took most of my ideas from the Faerie Queene and Arthurian Legends anyway.
    19. nutranurse
      You'll be glad to know that what I'm working on is a mix of KnightNES and something else!
    20. SKILORD
      I have no problem with that.
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    Apr 3, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
    History student
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    True evil is timeless.

    History, alternate history, strategy games writing, roleplaying.


    "Hier liegt ein Fürst, der trotz des besten Willens keinen seiner Pläne durchsetzen konnte."
    "Her Majesty has terrible dreams. She sees England as a small country that lives in peace, and no one at the court dares tell her that Rome started out the same way. His Catholic Majesty was once content with ruling half the world; I am afraid we will have to take all of it." - Humphrey Gilbert
    "I am not at all a friend of humanity, Viscount replied. I am the enemy of its enemies." - S. Vititsky, "The Search for Designation, or the Twenty Seventh Theorem of Ethics".