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Dec 25, 2014
Apr 8, 2001
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Apr 3, 1990 (Age: 30)
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Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
History student

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Regeneration In Process, 30, from Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia

das was last seen:
Dec 25, 2014
    1. SKILORD
      Have you seen Picking up the Pieces yet?
    2. Nuka-sama
      Do you have an AIM account perchance?
    3. Dachs
      So, I found my old printouts of your alternate histories awhile ago - wow, high school, amirite - and was idly reading through them. I particularly like the idea of the Eurasian War one, because it's a decent twist on the alternate WWI and because WWI is pretty much my focus, insofar as I have one. Anyway, I was reading through it and while I really liked it, it was something you wrote several years ago, so there are errors, plausibility issues, and so on...you know, the problems I had back then, except yours aren't as bad. :p I was wondering if you'd be okay with me editing your timeline of the Eurasian War, as much to help somebody who might want to mod it as for aesthetic "this is so cool but it could've been SO MUCH MORE" reasons. I mean, normally I wouldn't touch somebody else's work like this, but you're obviously very busy doing non-alternate history things, and I'm waiting on a book for my most recent alternate history project anyway and am thus not so busy...
    4. Fulton
      Haha! We'll see. If I run 40k though, then some of the Varica guys will likely break my legs anyways. I have a mostly-ready easy-to-run 50's pulp game I could run, or a Warhammer Fantasy game set in the border princes that I've been brainstorming.
    5. Thlayli
      Don't you think we should pressure Fulton to do a Warhammer-ish thing again? I'm itching to be the Inquisition to your Chaos. :D
    6. Anonymoose
      Well the correspondence we've had over the last couple of days has been longer than the conversation I had with the impostor. It's nice to meet you.
    7. Anonymoose
      Well that's kind of creepy. If I still had my chatzilla logs, I'd be able to look at the ip of the impostor. I hate that my notions about you were built on falsehoods. :/
    8. das
      Aha! Luckily this is very easy to disprove, because as it happens, I have never ever been in #nes. :p

      I'd be worried about letting the fact that I apparently have an impostor get to my head, but that implies my ego was not over-inflated enough as it is, what with the avatar thing.
    9. Anonymoose
      You were in #nes once, and it was pretty brief. I'm not going to place too much confidence in this guess, but maybe six months ago, give or take. I've not been here for very long, so we have a relatively narrow time frame. :D
    10. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      How's the brainstormin'? :p
    11. Dachs
      Oh, I dunno dude, you could hear of some pretty weird stuff if you ever came on #nes :3
    12. Dachs
      I think he was like the Caribs or something? I don't remember it all too well, and I distrust my memory because I used to have this depressing tendency to remember the Roman thing as something glorious instead of something embarrassing ;)
    13. Dachs

      is toteone crazier than he used to be? my memory of that stuff is depressingly vague, but I don't remember him being this loony in, say, ITNES
    14. Thlayli
      I played FFH II more than Civ 4, for what it's worth. ;) And I've read pretty much everything worth reading in English-language fantasy written in the last decade or so. So I'm not intrinsically opposed to an original fantasy setting, if it's significantly higher in quality of worldbuilding than most of the recent fantasy NESes.

      Granted, the 1000 BC setting would probably give you a higher quality playerbase, since it would attract plenty of the semi-retired hardcore Simulationists who we know and love. But I would play either game.

      As for auxiliary stats, that seems promising. Daftpanzer has been pretty pioneering in that regard, especially in this exercise, where most of the relevant stats were located on the map.
    15. Thlayli
      Well, I look forward to that. Any word as to your ideas or are you operating in strictest secrecy?
    16. Matt0088
      I second the below demand. I want to be in a das NES/epic. :)

      Thanks for the timely reply. I'll be getting back to everyone within a couple weeks, hopefully with some (significant) changes. (just a warning ;))
    17. Thlayli
      Oi. Do something you loutish lout. You created the NES, time to restore it to its former glory.
    18. das
      Pfft, okay. I haven't read Wakeman; the Great Enterprise does sound pretty awesome, but I can't seem to be able to get my hands on it, so for now that's that. Feel free to ask me anything, Masada.
    19. Masada

      finer sir

      could I consult you about running that fine Nan Ming TL of yours?

      Also, is The Great Enterprise by one Frederic Wakeman a kickass text?
    20. Dachs

      fine sir

      in your readings on the Ming-Qing transition that doubtless accompanied and/or precipitated your fine Nan Ming TL, did you happen to encounter the English-language text The Great Enterprise by one Frederic Wakeman, and if so, do you consider it to be a kickass text

      also don't be such a stranger mang :p
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    Apr 3, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
    History student
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    True evil is timeless.

    History, alternate history, strategy games writing, roleplaying.


    "Hier liegt ein Fürst, der trotz des besten Willens keinen seiner Pläne durchsetzen konnte."
    "Her Majesty has terrible dreams. She sees England as a small country that lives in peace, and no one at the court dares tell her that Rome started out the same way. His Catholic Majesty was once content with ruling half the world; I am afraid we will have to take all of it." - Humphrey Gilbert
    "I am not at all a friend of humanity, Viscount replied. I am the enemy of its enemies." - S. Vititsky, "The Search for Designation, or the Twenty Seventh Theorem of Ethics".