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    Max affinity leaders Pictures

    I have convinced myself that Firaxis was just testing the waters with the minor changes and that after gaining the public's reaction, they'll expand on it more. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Not based on any actual information, just want to believe that leaders will become more...
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    Leader Elimination Thread

    Suzanne Marjorie Fielding (ARC) - 18 (-3) Rejinaldo Bolívar de Alencar-Araripe (Brasilia) - 18 Élodie (Franco-Iberia) - 27 Kavitha Thakur (Kavithan Protectorate) - 30 (+1) Daoming Sochua (Pan-Asian Cooperative) - 32 Samatar Jama Barre (African Union) - 25 Hutama (Polystralia) - 27 Vadim...
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    Poor Pathing

    Should also point out that when you want a unit to move to another hex, it shows the path he would take with arrows. So you should be able to see the path he's going to take, notice its by a siegeworm, and then plan accordingly.
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    'Cultural Burden' quest - no location

    I have an update for this bug. Some saved games to hopefully pin it down. Played another game, the bug popped. Except I realized that I had an explorer conduct an expedition on that spot BEFORE the quest popped. I found the auto-save while it was in the middle of expedition, but even after I...
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    Activating the Contact Victory Beacon

    I would also argue that contact "can be" one of the fastest victories to achieve if you don't have that energy drain. I accidentally made contact at turn like... 115ish? Then you just have to build beacon and energy feed it. Boom. Done. 40 turns. But that early in the game, you probably don't...
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    Aliens won't turn friendly (blue) - anyone else?

    Wow, my problem is that they won't turn red. Weird.
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    About to be destroyed by miasma warning

    It's funny that you guys think I pay my workers... And that they have a choice to work... Lol
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    What's your favorite faction, Affinity and Virtue tree so far?

    I actually like the Slavic Federation. Nice tech slingshot with 20% longer life on my satellites? Booyah. Have like two per city just pumping out gold yields. Purity. I like the RP element and the style. Aaand prosperity. It just fits my playstyle. Tried to synergize it with Industry, but it...
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    How to set number of AI opponents.

    When you set up a game, go to the planet selection. Top right should be a button that says Advanced Setup. Self-explanatory from there.
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    Favorite Biome

    Lush mostly. Reminds me of the Purity of Earth.
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    Which decade has the most Civfanatics?

    1992. That's actually a nice spread of ages.
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    Scanning for Planets

    I really really really really REALLY want to say that the little letter at the end SOMEHOW has SOMETHING to do with Arid/Fungal/Lush.... But I don't think it does. :(
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    Solid State Citizen Misspelling

    Let's not forget our "boinic" features either.
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    Best sponsor from early impressions?

    Definitely liked Slavic, most success with them. FI I did poorly, but it was my first game and I didn't research any culture buildings (woops) to make use of her UA. Would try her again. And Hutama. Want to give him a shot too.
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    Apollo Difficulty Concerns

    There are already like 5 of these threads. All being actively posted in.
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