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  • This was your post in my LH gallery:
    "Do you have a thread already for your discussion about Fallout 3? I am interested and probably some others from Fury Road would be interested."

    And, this is my answer:
    No. Not yet. I want it, but where can I start it?
    Hello, I have a question to ask. How did get the game to recognize the line powercommercemodifiers? Because I tried to add the same thing and it didn't work...
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, was an issue with the / slash marks, just cut and pasted from the file path in my browser, didn't realize it had to be facing the right direction. You should definitely note this in the download.
    I tried civchecker and I could not get it to do anything.

    If I put in a valid mod path (or just uncommented the Charlemagne line), it just always said 5045 checked, no errors, regardless of the mod. If I put in a mod path with a space in it, it choked up, and said error. So it must have been reading something, but I think all it read was BtS. The whole checking your mod folder thing, just doesn't work. It wol't even check the Charlemagne mod if you uncomment the example code. And the directories were the same.
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