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Sep 22, 2011
    1. Diamondeye
      Hehe :) Thanks. You're an awesome writer as well, if I may. I really like your Grigori stories!
    2. Gladi
      What I cannot regale you with the tale of msierliness that was my childhood? :p

      Merry Christmas to you too and happy new year, don't get too drunk.
    3. Gladi
      Ah I see, I understand that. Though I was only child in small apartment so my situaton was different.
    4. Gladi
      Well, my father ended up passing me his old computers in the end. Though nowadays I have much better rig as he mostly stopped playing games :(. And I am not that much interested in privacy when I am at the computer. But then we were three generations in two bedroom apartment in my youth, so I have noticed that my sense of privacy is rather screwed up, comperad to other people of this era.
    5. Gladi
      Ah, understandable. My father needed computer for work, so we had a PC at home for almost my whole life- so I have not played on consoles.
    6. Gladi
      Neverwinter Nights.

      Man, really? How come? Did you not have computer or something? I mean I have played only few JRPGs, but I have played some and can recognize them. Or could, playing the demo of Last Remannt felt weird.
    7. Gladi
      You cannot save in MMO, just don't ask me how I know :p.

      And I think NWN and NWN2, used function keys for this. But if it is your first foray into the genre, well then it is understandable that you are unaware of it :).
    8. Gladi
      F5 is a quicksave, F9 is a "quick"load. These seem to be getting to be the standard.
    9. Gladi
      I am treacherous within the confine of rules of the fame :).

      Well, I don't do vanilla CIV either so that problem is not there :). But you should definetely play DA:O and I should finish my secong playthrough...
    10. Gladi
      Lucky you.

      I am not very good at CIV, just an average player- and if we could get more people into the pbem game there could always be allinces of convinience :).
    11. Gladi
      Doing fine for now, the exams don't start until january ;). And how are you?

      Well I used to be an active member in OT here, but along the way my interest fell, I played less CIV and I did not make a lot of contacts here so it is not suprising that we did not see each other before. Last time I was active here was over a year ago (summer 2008). And I did not check apolyton in ages. /shrug

      We can always start a thread over on, maybe even get pbem play started :).
    12. Gladi
      Well there can be many Dean the Youngs amongst the 7 milliards of people.

      And I called it "fame", not fame ;)
    13. Gladi
      Bright day
      Excuse me sir, are you Dean the Young of AH "fame"?
    14. Godwynn
      excuse me sir, have you been seeing my giraffe?

      some politishuns took him from my home a few days ago
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