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    [GS] Correct difficulty modifiers?

    I also have a question about a mod I'm using. The description is a bit vague on if the 10% bonus starts applying on prince or not. Can anyone see what the actual starting bonuses would be on king with that mod?
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    [GS] Correct difficulty modifiers?

    I tried to find out what the bonuses/penalties are for GS and found two tables with different information: The first table has civfanatics and XMLs as source, so that should be more...
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    How do you "define" the leader background?

    I have edited an existing mod and everything works except the background for the fallback art. Since it wasn't included in the mod files, I am trying to add my own background, but the background is black in the diplomacy screen. So how do I make the game recognize the background? Where it is...
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    [GS] Error when trying to launch asset editor

    I have already solved this. The problem was that I didn't have the language in language settings set to US english. But thanks for replying.
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    Background not showing

    I don't mean to be rude or demanding but I think it's been a week since I sent you the project. I'm posting just to remind you that I still need help with it in case you forgot. Will you have to to look at it soon?
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    When is money on the street free money?

    Imagine going to the police with a bottle of shampoo and saying you found it in the shower, hope they can return to its rightful owner. xD
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    Background not showing

    I haven't made any icons yet so they will show an error, but I just need help with the background.
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    Background not showing

    Where do I put that code, and how come it wasn't in the mod already? Also, there is no such code in another mod I made where the background is working. But that mod had textures with it, so I just copied the names.
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    Background not showing

    I've edited an existing modded leader to replace the art. The leader portrait is showing on the main menu and the diplo screen, but the background in the diplo screen is black. I saved the texture as like many other modders have done it, with dimensions 1920x1080 and it looks...
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    How do you translate an XML written in chinese?

    It's a modded civ with the description written in chinese, so I need a way to translate the chinese text into english. Can you run it in google translate without destroying the code or is there a better way?
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    DDS Texture (Image File) Creation and Usage for Beginners

    Don't follow the image tutorial if you want nice looking pictures in your game. His recommend compression format will decrease the image quality to a pixelated mess. I saw it the moment I was going to save. I would recommend A8B8G8R8 - Ate bait gate rate ;)
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    Modbuddy "can't find" artfile [Solved]

    Edit: Found out what the issue was -> Modbuddy is stupid
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    Templates Missing

    If your paths are pointing to the VS 2013 location change it to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI SDK\ModBuddy\Extensions\Application\ProjectTemplates or wherever you have installed Modbuddy.
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    Gedemo's civilizations

    Since you made a city state called Aksum, wouldn't it be a good idea to replace the name of the Ehtiopian capital to avoid duplicate city names?
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    Help with moving Poland's culture bomb to holy site

    Thanks! I can probably work with this.
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