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  • planning to join Canadian reserves this January

    Congratulations! You make CFC proud, regardless of what 55 armchair debaters whine about.
    Not at all. I am the kid in the middle. The picture was taken on a visit to my grandfather's summer house in northern Wisconsin some 50 years ago. My mother, brother, two sisters and one of their friends round out the folks shown.
    I wanted to share one thing about the sheer genius of some people if you don't mind, hope you don't as I thought it was funny. fyi the other forum I was referring to, the one poll and all and where I saw this last week, was TeamLiquid, a major Starcraft fansite. I just remembered one idea was really brilliant though - It read something like "Request to the mods: all users debating this should be temporarily banned for their choice of 48/2(9+3) days"
    Sorry to disappoint, but it's actually Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (commonly referred to as the "Desert Fox")
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