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Nov 12, 2013
Jul 23, 2012
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Nov 12, 2013
    1. schlaufuchs
      Getting on #nes is a snap.

      Go to:

      Click on server, type in "warrensofthought.com"
      Channel is #nes
    2. CivOasis
      A reminder that your sign-up for Flying Blind is not yet complete (missing: full sign-up)
    3. CivOasis
      Alright, yeah, that works.
    4. CivOasis
      I've looked at some of the "worst-case" scenarios for the Amazon before, so I know what you're talking about - I'm just not sure if I want the map itself edited. Do you need to edit the map itself for your nation, or could you work with describing the altered climate?
    5. CivOasis
      Awesome (and sorry).

      If it makes you feel better, while the game starts at modern tech, I'm toying with a way to create limited sci-fi advancements in the main (not world-building) phase.
    6. CivOasis
      Hm... Amazon desert, maybe not, but deforestation and looking at a more chaco-esque region would be interesting. I'm not sure how extreme I want to let this go, though, could you send me a rough draft?
    7. SouthernKing
      Hello, this is a friendly reminder that you have yet to send orders for this turn in SKNES II.
    8. Deusselkerr
      NA is North America. And I get the misunderstanding, no worries.
    9. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Well, I'm sorry that I didn't actually hear about the salt mines under Erie until now.

      I'm still curious about what this NA was though.

      When you said massive Salt Mines, what I thought you were referring to was Salt Lake.
    10. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      Unless there is another Salt Lake than what I know of in the USA, then this should state that the US is Ontario, Michigan and the Coastal States.

      "U.S.A. controls most of the East Coast, more so than in OTL. They control the Toronto region as well as Michigan. They haven't managed to push farther west, so losing the west coast states can't happen."
    11. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      He said they didn't expand West.
    12. Gem Hound
      Gem Hound
      I decided to go off the main thread, what is the NA you refer to? Because if you are referring to North America that was already vetoed.
    13. christos200
      I have created a WWI IOT. Do you want to join?
    14. Mosher
      Hey, Deussel, visit the IOT chat @ soniot.chatango.com if you'd like. There's usually quite a few people on, especially in the evening.
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