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  • p.s. --- I don't know if I ever said it, but let's be consistent. There is no "Order of the Stone" -- there is "Order of the Moon", Old Order and New Order.
    Hey: sorry to kind of strike your ideas down like that. They were good ones, but don't fit with what I have in mind (or how the original story concept was framed). I have the utmost confidence that you could weave a nice folk tale. ;)
    Hi there. Thanks for your words on my map. It is good to be able to explain it somewhat, since the iconography is rather vague. Fortunately, it is for a story-based game and many of the regions have been described to players. If you like stories, you're welcome to join, too. :)
    Slowly they will take over the world, yes. Once they team up with Google and launch Skynet, that is.
    You know, devercia, for me to get your messages you have to click on my name, go to my public profile, and post on my visitor wall :p

    Also 9GB of ram? Jesus
    I usually just leave tabs open for threads Im interested in. I need to justify my 9GB of ram. It's also convenient when my internet stops working for 2 minutes every 2 minutes.
    hahaha, everytime I come to your profile I see that you're on my thread. Don't worry! The update is imminent! 2 more nations to go! You'll have more than enough reading for this weekend :D
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