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Jul 15, 2012
Sep 30, 2008
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Warlord, from Greece

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Jul 15, 2012
    1. B0n3es
      hey dexy how are you?
      dude i have a problem, in the last version of "rise of mankind a new dawn", your mod "fixed borders" has been modificated.
      when capturing cities, the culture of the city don't pass into my borders, only won the plots arround the city, but not all the culture of the city.
      so how can i do to change that?.
      like the older version, that says : When capturing cities, you get all the territory that the city 'provides' to its original owner. So when you're at war with someone and capture all his cities, you will get ALL his territory, up to the last plot
      I really would appreciate if you can help my wiht that problem
      good bye =)
    2. primordial stew
      primordial stew
      hi dexy,

      I've been working on Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire for some time now, and there are some problems that can only be fixed in the SDK. 1 of them is incorporating your fixed borders mod. I tried this, but there is 1 section that I can't figure out how to merge. RFRE is for Warlords. Can you provide a Warlords version?

    3. dexy
      @wrestler235 & @Afforess - YES, YES.
      Sorry for late answers, but I don't check this part of my account so often. Use PM next time, I get email notifications for those.
    4. Afforess
      I've noticed that you've been more active on the forums again. Any chance of updating your modmod for BTS 3.19, and RoM 2.8?
    5. wrestler235
      Is there a way you can make a version of fixed borders mod that makes it so borders are always fixed not matter the civics? I'm using the latest version of ROM, so your mod isn't compatible. Plus I'm using some civic addons. I'd like it if the borders were always fixed
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