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    Transferring Civ 5 maps to BE

    Does anyone know if (and how) the map files from Civ 5 can be transferred to BE? I'm assuming it would need a small mod for the continent graphics (Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas). I've been working on a map pack using the giant Earth map from the YNAEMP mod to make maps of Earth in various...
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    Acularius' GEM for Caveman2Cosmos

    Is there any way to adjust the starting era? I really want to play this map but I don't want to have to play through the prehistoric era
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    I'd like to see the Government policy trees turned into ideologies
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    History in the Making II: Brave New World Edition

    I'm getting some issues with YNAEMP +36 civ DLL, Not sure if its compatible
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    History in the Making II: Brave New World Edition

    You should include the Historical Religions mod
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    CCTP Mythology and Religion

    I remember in Spatz's AoM mod he had a system where you could buy mythological units with "favor points" (named after the resource from age of mythology) Is there a way that you could make combat units that are tied to a particular belief that can only be purchased by faith? Also the ability...
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    Civilizations of Warcraft!

    You should add the Forsaken with plague catapults that spread radiation as their UU and the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow (from the wow rpg books) as their religion. Azjol'nerub pre undead Anub'arak as a leader would be pretty cool too, would also be cool if you could figure out a way to make...
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    Things you would like to see or changed in BNW

    Would like to see Gedemon's extra civ DLL incorporated. The idea I had for the Zoo being like a culture building that exhibits animals like how great works are displayed in culture buildings. Air trade routes Underwater cities An alien invasion event that works like Spatz' Alpha Centari...
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    Ideas and Suggestions

    You should make all the different government systems into Ideologies, the CCTP policies were one of my favorite parts of the old version. I could easily see a Monarchy/Republic/Theocrasy in ancient and classical eras like the Order/Freedom/Autocrasy in late game
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    Ideas and Suggestions

    The outbreak event was amazing as well, having barbarian units spawn in your territory was awesome, would be great with how quickly the AI spreads in CCTP
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    Ideas and Suggestions

    I'd like to see the terraforming from Spatz' Alpha Centari mod implemented in. Worker units could turn desert into grassland, snow into tundra into plains.
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    New SDK Beta (World Builder, etc.)

    Im having alot of issues, world builder isnt running at all
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    Broken version and waiting for BNW

    I think that the Ideology system should be incorporated into the government types you guys have set up for the game Monarchy/Republic/Theocracy/Democracy/Fascism/Communism/Corptocracy/Technocracy/Ecotopia/Virtual Democracy is much more dynamic than Freedom/Order/Autocracy Also, it would be nice...
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    Bug Reports

    Big problem I've been having with games, think I've mentioned it before in other threads. As of right now, City-states and Barbarians seem to share AI slots with Civs, and cap out at 22, regardless of combination, with any excess AI disappearing upon starting the game. Meaning I can only have...
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    Brave New World plans?

    Will the government types policy trees be made into Ideals like freedom/order/autocracy in the main game? Also are there any plans to have the AIs choose policies more often? I always hate when ive spent alot of time developing my civ's government structure via policies then looking at the AI...
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