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    Giant Earth Map and LOR

    I have played on it before with lackluster success.
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    This is true.

    This is true.
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    Formerly known as Lord Dio

    Formerly known as Lord Dio
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    BAT Mod and civ flags

    Very important thread to solving flag issues (China CCCP Flag nerf) etc.
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    CIV Gold (revived!)

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    Modding maps with a text editor

    This probably one of the most essential threads to bookmark.
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    See title.
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    Maps and Scenarios

    Ok, thanks.
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    Mount Rushmore Civilopedia description

    This is how threads should run. Q&A. I have an active thread elsewhere and get no feedback. Installing your mod again... had a previous forum account, might sign back up at a later date (private mod forum).
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    Maps and Scenarios

    I see that the base Mod has two maps one for MAC and one for WINDOWS, but I have a pretty good rig and was wondering if the community had a GEM Scenario and/or any other maps to play on with this module?
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    1.25 released! (Better late than never)

    Re-DLed it and installed just fine now.
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    1.25 released! (Better late than never)

    Not sure what the problem is on my side. I deleted the mod in the mod folder and unzipped the file in place. xoxo
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