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    New Beta Version - November 8th

    And to me. Also, my inquisitors aren't able to purify my cities - the bible icon in the graphic actions menu doesn't show up, but missionaries seem to work fine, also Great Prophets.
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    Improvement Ideas: Move Troops from Borders Request

    A condition I find on occasion: the AI has expanded its territory to a tile adjacent to my idling warrior, and by such expansion thereby invokes the 'move it' message.
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    Welcome New Members

    Longtime Civ V and Vox Populi player, thought I'd give 6 a go. I'd wanted to play through the tutorial but it seems long, and there is no way to pause it, or save it, midway through, right?
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    Tomatekh's Timurids for VP

    Mid-way through this article......
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    Tomatekh's Sumer for VP

    No, it occurs the first time I'm asked to pick a's a gamebreaker so I can't explore it further. I might try playing David and seeing if the presence of Sumer reproduces the issue. FollowUp: These are true statements that apply only when both the Israel mod and the Sumer mod are...
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    Vox Populi Civilizations Compatibility Request Thread

    Nepal and Inuit are making me young again. Thank you, all.
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    Vox Populi Compatibility Discussion

    ...and having done so, how to convert production to gold/culture? Or is it automatic?
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    Vox Populi Compatibility Discussion

    Thanks for that, will give it a whirl.
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    Vox Populi Compatibility Discussion

    I love this on paper, but how do you start at turn 1? Just wait for some gold to appear? What policy helps your start? Sorry for being a dunce, but I'm a dunce.
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    Thank you all. I am testing it in a Venice game right now.
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    Well that's a small issue, because say twenty turns after it's built, your borders have expanded beyond the original enclosure, and then you can't tell the difference. You know what? Forget I asked, it's a quibble of tribbling significance but I only now came to my senses.
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    But if you have five cities all connected by 1-tile wide roads (or 2-tile, etc) and build the Wall in the middle (like the capital) the AI makes a decision of what to enclose, excluding a lot of territory. I'm trying to get a handle on how to predict what it will and won't enclose..
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    Quick Questions / Quick Answers

    What is the maximum number of tiles, or 'volume' that the Great Wall can enclose?
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    England and map restarts/ragequits

    My game plan immediately changes to: can I cripple or kill England and still have a good game? Once the answer becomes clear I soldier on or quit.
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