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  • :salute:

    I see you've noticed my presence.

    Soap operas in TSR thread get the most of the attention though.

    Good luck!
    I know this problem. You've got BUG interface and PAE is not adapted to it.
    There's a line about that in the PAE ini file.

    I assure it's gonna be relaxing. It's defintely not as hard as a regular BTS game. TAM (a previous mod about ancient era) was definitely harsher than PAE. Starting IMM+, yuck, the AI were almost all runaway. Discovered later it is because TAM creator started his mod while Vanilla was out and kept Vanilla AI bonuses...thus making AI as hard as Warlords Deity.
    Over certainly not. It's a large map with 14 AI's. And the mapscript is some kind of highlands, thus longer to play than regular maps.
    Quote: Wished there were more people...hint hint

    Hint hint. That was flagrant invitation. :3

    So, basically in a week, you're available?
    Lol, how people ends up in my succession game? It's not as if I broadcasted it.

    Wished there were more people...hint hint
    Well, I did surrender about 10 times to barb archers on that Washington map, so... that's how it is.
    Didn't survive the other maps either, btw.
    I am somewhat like a ZZZ, just 50% of the time instead full time job.

    Don't know what is happening in PD, but every new member joining there always feels stress for some reason. Is Roland being that much of a despot? 6^6
    I thought I'd have more time now that the huge project is behind me and then I got 5 projects to complete as a reward for excelent work. Needless to say, I am not playing anything at all. :(
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