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  • Indeed, although I'm thinking of it more in terms of them discrediting themselves in front of the voting NPC public (players obviously vote for the team they're on) and making me and the Traditionalist Autocrats look that much better :p
    Just a note for your benefit. I do love it when people forget to read the things I say before they comment. :p
    Oh and on the third rule thing, I know of course that you CAN veto, but Im arguing that your whole principle of "its undemocratic" is fundamentally wrong. Its only democratic if they can choose whatever form of government they want no? although as I said on the thread I am making sure that the basic premise (elections and so forth) would continue as normal should the TABP and its confreres gain power.

    Also, who's saying the Emperor would be tyrannical. You underestimate the benevolence and magnanimity of our prospective Emperors you know!
    Oh you haven't dissuaded me at all. Indeed the precise reason why I established a party of Autocrats was to play precisely within the objective definition of absolute democracy and make fun of the RP schema :p
    My legal argument is clearly unshakable (democracy is only absolute if it allows the people to freely and democratically to choose the undemocratic), so do you acquiesce to my argument that there is no reason for me to remove the "dissolve government" section in the Imperial Reform Act proposal, or do you have some other rule-based reason, or another reasonable rationale, that makes the alteration you suggest imperative?
    How much can NPC votes change the result of an election? NPC's are only those 3 guys in your list?
    In your realpolitik everyone joins the Social Democratic League of Brasilia and the only other party has only two members, me and Son, with Son not being very active. For balance you should add NPC politicians or something because otherwise we will end up with an one party state.
    Good on all counts. :)

    I'll get it to you sometime tomorrow.

    I do have one question- since I already have an audience set up with her, might she hire me to take out Alfie?
    you should oppose Christos publically oh Dot80, lest you find out the meaning of "Iron Fist" from the hands of the clinically insane :p
    No problem. I can see your stats perfectly, though. Do you have the page open more then once? It appears there are five people viewing your stats...
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