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  • Hey I don't want to be a pain, but you haven't responded to my last movement. I just want to make sure you got it.
    Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'm sure something will come up :D A true Guide (since the Guide section in the rules is not really a guide:p) to GaP II would be nice. I'm still deciding whether to keep the old Social Group or start a new one for GaP II, which would be where that guide could be in.
    change your house name to: Doutatis, its basically the name of a gallic god replacing a t with the d. You can pronounce it like your saying "dot80's" in your mind if you want, but it also allows for other pronunciations for other people and sounds authentically celtic.
    A little addition to the last PM: People must sign a contract saying that they will not breed any of the horses they buy from me, and neither are they not allowed to sell them to anyone but me.
    according to the constitution, the tribune can address the senate and make proposals as the plebeian voice, but he does not have the right to vote.

    Action: Call all NPC Korean People who support my plan to sign a letter of protest to the senate and the Prefect.
    :nya: So perfectly open to indoctrination, huh.... ;)

    If I do decide to found a religion, do you think I should wait a little while until my prestige grows? (Yes, I am asking the GM for advice. :))
    dot, are there any established religions in Rome besides their normal polythestic stuff?
    great :goodjob:, irrespective of that though, I hope you have a good trip to wherever your going and that it is not some horrible forced march to some horrible abomination :p
    what a trollish RNG generator :p anyways you should create a social group for the senate for the reasons aforementioned on the thread, and if possible conduct the prefectural elections (based on what public influence people have managed to accrue so far)
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