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  • Hey dot, I recently developed a ruleset for a CIV game that is modled after GaP. I was wondering if you would mind proofreading.
    My orders were for money allocations (PER TURN) upon reception of that money. Ergo its not to be spent NOW, but as soon as the income is in my posession it is to go to the various causes I have allocated. Thus when your playing, the money each turn is to go to those things.

    I would be most grateful if you ensure that this allocation of funds (PER TURN) happens.
    Oh, and, this is an updated tech path:

    Techpath: pottery > mining > bronze working > calendar > animal husbandry > writing > the wheel > philosophy
    Dot, I just realized this, but you should probably put the ages of the spouse and children on the stats sheet.
    We came up with this:

    If the settler is built in a city then it is under the control of that city's leader. If it is gotten randomly (ruins, social policy, etc) then it comes under the control of a random person.
    Question: In CSOG, since I signed up first, I will automatically be the first citizen, right? And will I also automatically be a noble? Thanks for any and all answers!
    Hey Dot80, would you consider joining the isolationist party, or perhaps the Giant Robot Party in Star of the Shogun: Realpolitik?
    Actually no its not. If I did that the fanatics would go "Aha, its the PROPHECY, it foretold this betrayal by the Artaparsi, HE MUST DIE!!!!" and then they would proceed to rip me apart on the streets.

    Besides, there is no way in hell I am going to disown the Church which I effectively built in any manner (as disowning Swimciv would), the benefits also outweigh the negatives. (and its really a babylonian problem anyway)
    I'm beginning to think the same thing. Anyways as to the OTHER fanatics, they are fonts of moderation compared to the babylonians. Indeed a religious person has to keep a certain level of fundamentalism at the moment or they'll have the raving mob at their doorstep. Its sort of a "oh crap, I can't back down or I'm screwed moment here :p"
    pretty much, the Babylonians are basically all zealots, fanatical religiosity has always been one of their national characteristics (the rioters in Artaparsa according to investigations were basically all Babylonians). This unfortunately means my religious efforts which work really well for Persians result in fanatics baying for my blood amongst the Babylonians.
    maybe ;), currently I am refraining from voting because the Sultan doesn't like Swimciv and because the fanatics currently dancing in the streets over the death of the Lord of Rome by their hand hate you.
    Hey Dot80, would you mind voting for the Isolationist party and the Giant Robot Party in Realpolitik: star of the shogun, casual observors can vote and we need some votes to overcome a cheap move by two enemy coalitions to win (the imperialists and communists merged ;) ). Just PM lighthearter with your vote if you would be so kind.
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