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  • Looks like our dynastic union won't happen. Although... I could perhaps rejoin and we could do a join effort at reclaiming the gem tile.
    As to a dynastic union, I will procreate on the first turn of the next session before a merger occurs. This will maximise the amount of people the united house will have as if we join earlier the cost of procreating will probably increase accordingly.
    I considered toiling, then deleted the message and changed it to challenging instead :lol:. As to your strategy, I am perfectly willing to create an alliance with you if you wish. Its a different game, and there will be a different configuration of power. I suggest you join with me early to maximise your chances. You already know I am loyal to my allies and generally get them to the top.
    How much did you want to sell the poem for?

    EDIT: I'll just sell it for 2g. If you want to change the price at any time just tell me.
    meh, such is life. Im just advancing my interests in the game by keeping liberalism down. Either way have you see what SmugKitteh brought up, for once somethings happened I had no idea about. Lucky he brought it out when he did, since I would of trusted Tambien on some things he said to me otherwise.
    You have to PM me and civleader with the order, and, um, the price is only 2 gold....
    I am willing to give you a 50% discount on my recent book because you have been so helpful :D. Want one?
    I don't particulary care about a slogan. If you want to use that, be my guest. I'm not going to use one at all, though.
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