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Double A
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Sep 14, 2019 at 2:45 PM
Aug 22, 2009
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January 26

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Double A

wak, from NC

robot dinosaur Jan 18, 2017

Double A was last seen:
Sep 14, 2019 at 2:45 PM
    1. Takhisis
      Related? Hey, I didn't marry them… don't judge me for my tastes. :cry:
    2. Takhisis
      You, you, you dare mock me. And you come in late for my game Double unacceptable. Two million years dungeon.
    3. Takhisis
      You were insulting Fallout two weeks ago, eh? One million years dungeon.
    4. Zappericus
      As long as you don't touch my and cope with the fact that I want at least 2/3'rds of the island territories, we're good m8
    5. CivOasis
      I know but you sort of tried and I sent that to everyone who had posted in the thread.

      Also there are cormorant fishers now so go do your bird stuff with them
    6. CivOasis
      I would like to formally thank you for your involvement in Cradle of Man so far. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the final daily update, and the final update in this format; for this reason, please remember submit any final archaeological stage ideas you have in time for the update.

      As part of the update - which may take quite some time - I will be releasing a very large amount of information. You can see more details on this in the thread.

      Following the update, the next phase of the project will to be to map religions and ethnic groups/cultures in the more common sense across the world. While naming will need to fit into the world itself, I would still like to suggest that you begin planning out these details - and I will not set any limits at this point in time as to how many you may create - to be submitted as part of the next phase, if you are interested in doing so.
    7. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      I never took you for a globetrotter; what's the occasion?
    8. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      ...I will have to see if I can get the time off! DaemonDD owes me art, so it'd be the perfect way to nag him. :p
    9. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      ♫ Defyin' the laws of gravity..! ♫
    10. Omega124
      on amazon she sold out within seconds. ;_;
    11. Zappericus
      Ah yes, apologies. I've been a bit swamped, and I am still going through the finer mechanics of the game economy. I'll have an answer for you by tomorrow.
    12. Zappericus
      Metagaming is something I prefer not to do, so whether you want to move away from your location or not is up to you. I apologize for a late answer, but there's been a bit to do both irl, and now on civfan and frontier.
    13. JohannaK
      Ayyyyy yeah! Arigato, Ā-chan :D
    14. Sonereal
    15. christos200
      Glad to hear that. :)
    16. CivOasis
      I saw that, yeah. Pretty excited - the Teotihuacanos had an empire (or at least exerted influence) over a territory even larger than the Aztecs, yet we don't actually even know who they were. If they could actually find a tomb and bodies of the rulers, genetic testing could theoretically start to help identify what group actually built the city in the first place.
    17. Ailedhoo
      You are the music god and all become one with death.

      Death requires a tune.

      Baase, the god of death, fate and necromancy, requires a tune.
    18. Ailedhoo
      Will you sing a song of death for Baase?
    19. Takhisis
      Ha. Ha. Ha. Of course, all spellshapers are useful. Search for all spellshaper-type creatures and have… fun.
    20. Takhisis
      There's an upgraded version of that Cephallid Looter that is a 2/2 (harder to destroy) and makes you (or any other player) draw 2 and then discard 2. Tap one creature, throw two spells at the enemy and then draw two cards!
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