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    New PC

    I came here to ask the same question, so instead ill try to help you with my very low knowledge of hardware and benchmarking :) Ok so my only source is the Passmark cpu and videocard benchmark charts ( Anyway. Your current computer has the following benchmark...
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    Very slow turn times after spring patch update.

    I've read that it's something to do with the UI, apparently if you enable the NQEUI mod the slowdown goes away. Someone plz test that, i can't play until the weekend :(
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    Next patch anticipation thread

    Each company deals with their fans in a unique way :) I follow 3 games: civ 6, stellaris and street fighter 5, and each company has a different philosophy when it comes to PR: Paradox: Communicate with fans on a daily bases, releases sneak peaks on future content almost every two days, answer...
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    Can somebody explain how you read the culture victory screen?

    There are modifiers, like policies that give you "+50% tourism from civs you have a trade route with"m which is kinda how it worked on civ 5. So the power of your tourism value to attract visitors is different in each civ you met, i really wish the game was more transparent on this point. In Civ...
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    District confusion

    I was wondering, do you work districts with citizens, like a normal tile, or are districts more like an expansion of your city tile, they work themselves?
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    Floating Cities

    I either place the sea city exactly where i want, and buy the tiles i need (KP has cheaper tile, and there's a political trait as well), or i locate my perfect position, then settle a couple tiles near it; then purchase/build the rudder and a couple production buildings, and move the city in a...
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    Gameplay Overhaul: Into the Nebula

    that's.. a radical change. The way the tech tree is set up, sometimes you need to get a few supremacy techs, and then there's a few excavations that give you xp towards an affinity against your will. Im sure "accidentally" getting to supremacy 12 won't be a problem, but what about hybrid? A...
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    Sneak Peek - The Total Overhaul I'm working on..

    Harmony are good with specialists, and not supremacy? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I always imagined from a lore perspective that purity should have stronger improvements, supremacy stronger specialists and harmony more worked tiles (more pop). Anyway, anything that makes the...
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    Sneak Peek - The Total Overhaul I'm working on..

    Interesting changes, i really like extra food instead of energy for ocean tiles. But i thing removing ocean cities would make it hard to play with a "mobile fortress" like some players enjoy: stick an artillery or a Sabr and a bunch of planes on a floating city and move around the world...
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    Echoes of Earth: A total conversion for BERT

    I think leashing can be fun but being able to do it so early (at harmony lvl 2 or something), and so often (at the cost of health), make it too, i dunno, not optimal. Plus, aliens get weak super fast, at the second level of unit upgrades, only worms and krakens matter. I think leashing should...
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    Echoes of Earth: A total conversion for BERT

    Kozlov orbital production bonus from Launch Complex isn't working, so his trait right now is only "+3 petrol". Took me the whole game to notice :(
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    Echoes of Earth: A total conversion for BERT

    I feel like your relationship with each AI "regenerates" for a while, so if you're cooperative, but he doesn't want to sign his bigger agreements with you, try every turn and after a while you'll get it. Sending him trade routes and donating him units inside his territory also improve your...
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    Echoes of Earth: A total conversion for BERT

    I play with several other mods, like: Max Sponsors (to play with all 12 sponsors at once), as pfeffer said yields for marvel tiles (so i actually seek to have marvels inside my territory, instead of ignoring them) station flavor text (that was removed in RT) extra difficulty levels artifact...
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    Echoes of Earth: A total conversion for BERT

    The health rebalance on virtues is really good, now i can go prosperity without feeling guilty for the easy-mode virtues there. Im also really enjoying the new traits, very interesting and hard to choose which one to go for. But did something change with how many agreements we can sign? What i...
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    Echoes of Earth: A total conversion for BERT

    Very interesting. On health, on my ongoing game, i managed to stay all times at +5 to +10, but from as soon as i could manage, i had the +4 health per agreement full bonus (+20), so iwas actually between -15 to -10. But i suppose thats fine, health has to come from somewhere (buildings...
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