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Feb 8, 2011
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Jun 7, 2021 at 3:23 PM
    1. drewisfat
      I know in some ways it's unrealistic, because often if one side in a battle outnumbers you 10-1, this doesn't mean the attacking side suffers 10% penalties, often they would suffer minimal casualties, bc you surrender, etc. But civ has never been combat realistic. I'm worried that simply a gold penalty, with the way gold works now in civ, wouldn't effectively stop stacks. If you need a stronger stack to win a war, you will just have to take the gold hit, and if it's so significant you will just try to avoid offensive wars all together. Ideally there might be some sort of "supply" system where you must keep your troops fed/supported or they will get hungry, won't heal wounds, etc. I just thought a strength penalty is a simpler way of conveying that.
    2. plastiqe
      Scaling strength penalties doesn't seem realistic to me. The logic that the more units you add, the less each unit benefits your army doesn't fit with how I think about combat. I guess I prefer the logic that the more units you add, the more expensive your army will be.

      It's funny you mention not wanting to post there tho. I lobbied to create a new subforum for talking about Civ VI in the feedback section. The messages below yours on my page is from the guy who mods the current Idea subforum so for now I guess I'm stuck with the Civ V fanboys lol.
    3. plastiqe
      Hey, reading your posts in the Civ4 vs Civ5 thread sounded a lot like my post about Armies and Logistics in the ideas and suggestions section of the forums. Have a look and lemme know what you think. : )
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