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  • Fair enough, and thank you. :)

    You can always join the game later when you have the time; I predict there will still be open land near Chicago.
    If you'd like, you can just direct your foreign policy and I can handle the actual mechanics for you. Means it doesn't take anywhere near as much planning on your part. :)
    Iron and Blood 3: Rapid Fire

    Introduction updated and stats added.
    Link to OP

    Please check and let me know any corrections and I will update, before updating the map.
    Very good. I'm up to about six miles now. My step-mom runs a lot so I want to get to thirteen so I can run a half-marathon with her. I drink A LOT of water now so that I don't even get thirsty while running. So your tips helped a lot. =)

    What's your time for a 5k?
    Sure, if you accept a Muslim consulate in major cities to avoid a repeat of the Lebanese disaster.
    Wow, I actually just logged on (the last time for a week) specifically to thank you for your hydration tip when I came upon this cornucopia of information. I just jogged three miles consecutively, which isn't a lot but considering I was only able to do two miles just two days ago I'm very proud of myself. =) I think it was because of all the water I drunk the night before. All these tips are all so helpful; I can't thank you enough. :goodjob:
    I was indeed thinking about revolts. I mean I'm planning to RP a Coup myself.
    However I forgot the idea I had earlier today... It will come to me.. I hope..
    Actually, you'd have to build 2 navies. One for the Gulf of Guinea and one for the North Atlantic. And of course maybe another one or two to prevent his navies from sinking yours. Not an easy (or cheap) endeavor.
    Right now you'd have to build a navy. You can't cross unclaimed territories. If you expand into Sahel and you could get to him directly.
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