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    Impossible to launch Civ

    As Old_Yoda wrote, putting steam in offline mode works. Now CiV works for me again.
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    Impossible to launch Civ

    Same thing for me, CiV won't launch and it's not the only game, Counter-strike source will not launch either so it's something wrong with steam and the last steam update. Hopefully they'll fix it quickly and to noone's surprise, steam support forums isn't working atm either...
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    Korea Scenario

    I've done the scenario three times now and won each time, it's a fun scenario but as it's all about war, it's just to have a better strategy than the AI, which isn't that hard when you learn the tricks. My first game was on emperor as Korea, victory on turn 38. The key here is to make a...
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    Incomplete Installation error 55 Please Help

    The problem with Avast is with the latest version (6.0.1203). With that version most Steam games (atleast the ones I have) runs very sluggish, slowly or doesn't start at all. It seems only to affect winXP sp3. To solve this and still have antivirus protection do the following: - Uninstall...
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    What do you do with no Iron?

    In my current game as Siam I have a start without Iron or horses and Monty is next door which ofc meant he came running with his jaguars fairly quickly. Though it's not the end of the world to lack those resources, early archers and spears do a splendid defensive work, later upgrade to...
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    Post-Patch Research Agreements?

    With what I've learned so far with the new RAs is that it isn't optimal with early RAs, sure, I'm only a third through my first game in the new patch but the RA I've signed so far didn't give me many beakers at all, most likely due to the fact that that I'd beelined up to chivalry I believe it...
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    Mining, Writing, GL, Phil, NC?

    I've only done one attempt on emperor so far with the new patch, Aimed for the GL gambit and missed by 7 turns which ofc set me back as my library now was delayed as I had to hard build it, the cash earned from the initial exploring/resource trading had went to a granary to be able to work more...
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    weird maps

    The most ridicolous map I've ever played was a huge highland map with the ranges option. I remember thinking that there was very few CS that I'd met compared to what there should be and that it was fairly crowded for a huge map The explanation came with satelites, more than a third of the map...
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    Critique My City Placement

    City placement in itself looks good enough but you do have some things worth improving. As LostInTime said, you need workers. Not only for the improvements but at this point you really should have a traderoute between capital and the rest of your cities, both Nippur and Dur-Kirgalzu will benefit...
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    Insane AI Army on Prince

    Never leave a unit in a city that might fall, the unit will be destroyed in the process. The only use for a unit in a city is to garrison it, thus adding to the city defense strenght (ofc there's a few SPs that offers other bonuses with a garrisoned unit). So if you only put a unit to heal...
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    Open Borders for 50 Gold

    I for one tend to always sell open borders to anyone paying me decent enough for it in the early game when money is tight, after midgame the gains are too low to be interesting enough but I do use open borders as a tradebalance from time to time even late game.
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    Thoughts on New Patch Strategies

    I've only played through half of an emperor game with the new patch so far. With china on a pangea. I've noticed a few things that I don't think would've happened pre patch. I did the cho-ku-no strat (ie beeline for the UE and then launch my war campaign. I had inca to the south of me, greece...
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    A theory i made and proved about wonders.

    In my humble opinion the key is production, not wonders or great engineers. On emperor (and above) you'll find it very difficult to get more than a few wonders. Granted, playing a duel map with only one opponent makes it easier to get more wonders, but for example with a standard size map and...
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    Best options for point games?

    I got a 26k score in a game once, though a bit cheezy. Duel map, Diety, modern era start, lucky the other civ started nearby, domination victory in turn 15 or something...
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    How many DoWs can you make?

    It's not about how many DoWs you do in my experience, if you kill someone of or not is what counts, killing a CS or another AI civ completely will count against you and most AIs will likely see you as the warmongering menace of the world. Though it depends on which AIs you face as they have...
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