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  • Thread going up in a bit, and just checking to see if you are ready on the 27'th for the first part of the multiplayer game.
    Was wondering if you wanted to join the MP game on the 27'th for the project in Civ IV, I understand if you are unable to attend.
    I have invited you to our SG dedicated to discussing forum games like Feuds and AAR, please join up and discuss!
    So...in case you forgot about the CFC Member's Elimination Thread, the game is almost over...and your in second place. So...you not posting there seems to be working :p. I suggest not voting until there's...three people left :D
    My mom brang back the "if you dont get strait A's, you dont get to have fun" policy, i havn't forgotten it but i dont even have my comp and my school dosnt have internet
    currently typing this from sister's itouch
    oh really? well SK said he needed your orders so I thought.... give you the message :p
    Well I wont be playing HttT or DW anytime soon for the same reason as Vicky 2. I currently lack the budget required.
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