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  • everyone chose to ignore the map with the split provinces because it's madness to assume that splitting a province is fair game.
    it's like in medieval times , when everyone acted as if the town fool was not there, even when he was pretty much there.
    my silence is caused by the lack of actual events in game. I stated my point of view, even if it is Bair who controls the external affairs. His answer is my answer too, and form what I've seen, he ain't giving up on Kamchatka.
    Plus,. this isn't Mad World IOT. Splitting provinces because lol is not allowed. The map is stone-cold and there's nothing you can do about the number of provinces. I know, because I asked if it is possible to sink you forever and I've been told that it's not possible.
    OOC: The map with GEAR's claims was discussed since the moment RC said he'll do a 5 year timeskip.
    OC: Considering an imminent Russian expansion and that we already have Russian territories under control, it is only fitting for GEAR to secure the area from not falling into enemy hands.
    Seeing as the region you want to control , composed of 3 mainland provinces and 3 island provinces in northern Siberia,which I will, from now on, collectively refer to as "Kamchatka", are better off in the hands of the GEAR, which strives for prosperity, quality and progress, we deem necessary for you to hand over any claims of those lands. For further Information, provide a log of our conversation to Bair the Normal ( ), the one who manages the external affairs of GEAR. But be warned: do NOT threaten the security of the people of Kamchatka.
    There is none. I support the creation of one. I also support the creation of a commercial computer that can handle that many memory.
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