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Nov 7, 2020
Aug 7, 2002
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April 19
San Diego, California

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on steam: ekmek_e, from San Diego, California

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Nov 7, 2020
    1. Ekmek
      What file types does Poser 5 let you export/import to?
    2. Rob (R8XFT)
      Rob (R8XFT)
      Hi Ekmek, you asked what program I used to create CivIII leaderheads? The answer is Poser 5. I'm now using Victoria 4 and Michael 4 as the base models.
    3. Ekmek
      you could brighten it or in an easier way is to take an existing button and adjust the color.
    4. Nitram15
      How could you make that shiny-thing on the top of the button? Because it's nice. :)
    5. Ekmek
      It took awhile for Civ4 to get where its at. especially on LHs.

      As to my avatar its a Civ Button for California I made it like Civ5 Civ Buttons :)
    6. Nitram15
      What a crap. :/And Firaxis say, "Civ 5 is completely moddable". Maybe it was a joke, as always.
      Anyway, thanks for any info. :)

      btw: what kind of avatar do you have?
    7. Ekmek
      Sorry protected dds. Doesnt work with GIMP of photoshop. You cant open them.
    8. Nitram15
      But only with GIMP?
    9. Ekmek
      The Civ5 LH reskins are a protected GIMP. Some one else tried it though with Ramses.
    10. Nitram15
      Did you find out how to create (at least reskin) a civ 5 leaderhead? :D
    11. NapoleonGuevara
      The arts defines for your O'Higgins does not work...
    12. Ekmek
      Its Turkish bread
    13. Wonderblunder
      I've always wondered Ekmek, what exactly is the thing in your avatar image? For some reason I've always pictured it as an orange tongue.:lol:
    14. Ekmek
      in old english font?
    15. The Capo
      The Capo
      Thanks Ekmek... what if I gave Dido a tramp stamp that said Ekmek on it in exchange for your help?
    16. maddog7667
      hello sorry to bug you but i am out of ideas on how to trial and error Caligula into my civ bts game. i have followed all tutorials i could find on getting this leaderhead to work. but i does not work or show up in civ 4 bts or warlords. i have put the file in the mod folder as instructed in many many many tutorials. that does not work. i have tried editing the xml files to add manually add the entries. that does not work, what am doing wrong?? do you not put the Caligula file inside the zip into the mod folder? i believe it is layered correctly. i can load the mod when i start the game but Caligula does not show up in the civilizations. can you please help me?

      thanks for your time
    17. Ekmek
      ok, but it may be a day or so
    18. France-Fan
      Hey,ekmek, i had a few questions reguarding the xml files of some of ur leaderheads. actually all leaderheads to be exact. I have civ gold 5 for bts and a few leaders by u and a few others have been giving me trouble. Jingu of japan in the mod plays arabic music ~ mehmeds theme to be exact and that doesnt quite make sense to me. I found alternative diplo music for japan and i wanted to change the xml files of jingu so that she would play this in diplomacy. No matter what i do with her or civ golds xml the music will not change !! any help would be much appreciated. i am also trying to change other leaders music as well so it would solve a few problems so thanx

    19. Ekmek
      model is great. I think you LH modeling is great. Your weakspot is texturing. And that just takes time and practice. I know for Capo and I, its the hardest part.
    20. Vortilex
      By the way, where can I find your leaderheads parts package? I lost track of it :(
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