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  • Hmm... well... Immac's a industrialist goblin, Seon's his usual crazy lovecraftian self, I'm an Orwellian Utopia, Charles Li is a happy hobbit... but aside for that, I haven't really interected with anyone.
    However, it's fun, so far. I'd recommend joining it.
    Hello Regent

    I don't know if you know this because I haven't read the whole update yet, but last turn I tried to plant a few spies in the Authority and what few of them haven't been turned to nuclear ash say that the Church is making moves to take control of the southern continent, which apparently may still be able to bear some crops. I don't know if this suits you, but I say that this ought to be the Imperium's role or the land ought to be auctioned off or at very least sorted out legally by an Imperial commission.

    Jyut Texier
    Can i join the LGB group just to chat? I am not L/G/B but you know I am not homophobic or any of that. I wont bite, I am nice.
    You know, at least A-levels come out on the third Thursday in August. I have a late August birthday and my sixteenth birthday fell on the fourth Thursday in the month, so yes, I got my GCSEs for my birthday. They were not the best present ever!
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