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El Justo
Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2020
Mar 5, 2004
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Jan 29, 1973 (Age: 49)
Home Page:
Southern NJ
Historian/Writer & teacher-in-training

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El Justo

Deity, 49, from Southern NJ

El Justo was last seen:
Jul 11, 2020
    1. thanhvnlt
      Can you update link Vietnam war, please ? I am fan of yours
    2. Lionic
      Hi El Justo! I would like to ask if I could post a new version of your classic TCW scenario with updated unit and probably some *.pcx graphics?
    3. Magirus Deutz
      Magirus Deutz
      I'm new member but plying AoI since a decade and never get bored.
      Great work! Huge amount of effort in the "Pedia".
      Still, I would kindly like to suggest you two small adjustments:
      Romanian flag should be, starting from the pole, blue-yellow-red
      Romanian infantry images shall be reversed. The pre-war image is, actually, the uniform introduced in 1917.
      We can detail about this if you want.
    4. Gray Wolf
      Gray Wolf
      Hey El Justo. If you ever need help making some .pcx files or something, let me know.
      I love your scenarios.
    5. Aleenik
      I just wanted to say that AoI is still the best mod/scenario around for Civ 3.:)
    6. ZeletDude
      Hey El Justo, I've been playing your AoI scenario for a very long while (since version 3) and I recently got a brand new windows 7 laptop and I downloaded CIV and your scenario but I'm getting an error involving PediaIcons, and ICON_BLDG THEATER.. anyhelp would be great, I really want to play your scenario again. :(
    7. Incodcito
      What the guy below and a year ago said, lol.
    8. The Imp
      The Imp
      Looking for a fantasy baseball league to join, any spots open?
    9. El Justo
      El Justo
      he's a friend of mine here at cfc :)
    10. Nitram15
      Who is Boyle?
    11. Nitram15
      What is that "Boyle text"?
    12. sercer88
      sorry El Justo, I've been out of the loop for so long, but I can't find your TCW deluxe file ANYWHERE! Did you completely remove it from the scenario database? If so, why? Like I said, sorry if this is old stuff...
    13. prof2962
      El Justo, I have built a scenario of the Middle East by modifying a large Map then importing the map into your Cold War Scenario. It isn't quite finished but my local friends really enjoy it. With your permission, since I used all of your cold War units. I would like to consider posting it here for others to play. Please advise, I hope you are not offended that I did this. Thanks Chuck Hicks
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    Jan 29, 1973 (Age: 49)
    Home Page:
    Southern NJ
    Historian/Writer & teacher-in-training
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