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May 16, 2017
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Prince, from Republic of Texas

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May 16, 2017
    1. yehozz
      I cant wait for it!

      I hope you get to it very soon!

      Goodluck :)
    2. yehozz
      I want to talk whit you about MedivaleCiv, i really love your mod but it has one big problem! is ther anyway you can add in more Europe Civs? Like iceland and Rome and greece and Israel yeah more civs! becouse i need more europe civs to my Europe map. it would be really awesome if you could update your mod whit more civs. If you can, i would make a Europe map whit all the civs and thier true Starting point for your mod!

      Anyway It would mean aloth if you could make this!

      Thanks :)
    3. Nitram15
      Okay, thanks for understand me! :)
    4. Nitram15
      Sorry, I didn't give any sign of life. I didn't give Napoleon TW up, but you know, I've learnt Python, Java, and well, I'm going to learn C++ at Christmas. So the project will be abandoned for quite a lot longer than expected, so don't worry, I WILL finish it, but, uhm, a "few" months later. I hope you still have the enthusiasm, as I still do, but I have MORE enthusiasm on programming right now. Actually, it can be only positive to have this time delay, as maybe I become a lot more familiar with SDK modding :D
    5. Nitram15
      Yes, it is very time consuming. I think i didn't run Civ 4 for almost a month! I also didn't have time to implement the buttons you made for units. After all, I'm going to finish the book about Java soon, so then I'll have time to do other things.

      I give Python a rest for now. I want to write programs for mobile, so Java is the best platform.
    6. Nitram15
      You may have noticed that i didn't give any sign of life for you, and about Napoleon TW Mod.
      Don't worry, I didn't give it up, it is almost done!

      But I started to learn Python and Java (generally: programming) and it consumes much of my free time. But i find it very interesting, so I *can* and *do* spend, well not some, but very much time on it.
    7. Nitram15
    8. Nitram15
      No, no no! I forgot to tell you (I only mentioned it on another forum) that I'm working on a Python-based Tech Tree editor! (Name is PyTechEdit) It is going to be completed in the next few days, AND I have my conception about the tech tree, so don't worry. I'll be fine. ;) You just have to work on the unit buttons. I'll report if I finish.

      But not with visitor messages. I created the Napoleon Total War Mod group for two of us, so please, if you can, subscrube to it, and if i write there anything, please reply on it, just as you would reply to a visitor/private message.

      And lastly, that group is completely for us. It is a private group, so people must join to see our conversation. But they can't join, as I made the group Invite Only -type, i must invite somebody, and that somebody must accept in order to see our mod's progress.
    9. Nitram15
      Did you get my PM???
    10. Nitram15
      Good, the tech tree can be lot more difficult.
    11. el_hidalgo
      Nah, I'm not that easy to kill! ;) I just finished in fact.
    12. Nitram15
      I hope I didn't kill you with this task! :lol: Sorry, the task is a bit difficult, I know. But you are clever, you can make it! ;)
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