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    The "Say Thanks to Afforess" Petition

    diddo for me this is the perfect civ...
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    Should I buy Civilization V?

    to make it simple stick to Civ IV and wait for a proper follow up, or maybe for some add ons that deeply change the way the game plays atm. Civ V suffers from too many issues to offer a real alternative to Civ IV, its add ons and its mods. after 1 year of really trying to enjoy it, I...
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    Main Download Information

    yep same for me, civ 5 makes me want to run and throw myself out the window, and god knows I really tried to like it... thank you afforess, you are doing a great job!
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    A New Dawn Beta Builds

    the strength bug is indeed very annoying, but the game is great so far. I'll try a game on another computer to see if it is as unstable on another one on large maps. Something I noticed also playing on epic speed, is that dates are really really off. I discover gunpowder in 1000 BC in Emperor...
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    A New Dawn Beta Builds

    is it me or AND 1.76 B5 becomes highly unstable towards the late game? I am playing on a large map with 9 nations with a pretty beefy machine...
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    A New Dawn Beta Builds

    it was a pretty long time frame, I already had 6 cities and twice the score of the second one when I suspected something odd.
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    A New Dawn Beta Builds

    Afforess, in my latest game, with 1.76 Beta 5, I noticed that many AIs did not expand over 3 cities as if they were blocked by not choosing the appropriate civics. A couple ais though did expand normally. in that same game, I also did for the first time an advanced start, which allowed roughly...
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    How to play Multiplayer Civilization IV?

    is there anyway we can turn a debug feature on so we can try to find out which module is creating that oos? I have played a lot of AND MP until 1.75, except the certainty that Revolution is not MP friendly, I must say that nothing really clear came out of it. problems tended to arrive some time...
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    June/July Patch Notes

    so that means still no mods in MP?
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    CivFanatics and the beta

    signed in as romain de waubert !
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    AI tweaks - Battle AI

    I will not pay attention to your last part which is not constructive for me, but can you give more details on what happened? I did not meet that in my games, I had one of all the civilizations I met indeed not expanding but then it attacked me and ... conquered me :( but It is possible that in...
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    AI tweaks - Battle AI

    as the name of the thread indicates AI tweaks - Battle AI :)
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    AI tweaks - Battle AI

    you will find them in your mod folder under my games, I only use the mod browser for files. I hope it helps. cheers Elvince
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    AI tweaks - Battle AI

    glad you like it :) for the naval I have not done anything yet and I doubt anything can be done but I'll look into it. were you on V3 or V4?
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    AI tweaks - Battle AI

    well some stuff will require the DLL SDK, here we can only tune existing behavior. yet I have done another pass with V4 of my AI tweak, and I got attacked by a formidable american army pushing me to surrender in my test game. you guys tell me what you think. in V4 AI should be even more...
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