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  • Hello, I am writing to you with regards to the George W. Bush civ that you had created. When I attempt to use the ISAF unit, it appears as a Paratrooper but it does not have a paradrop ability available. Do you known how to add the .xml code needed to fix this? Thank You.
    can u change a couple of things for the byzantine empire:
    1) eastern roman legion is the same like the legion (eg. can u make it a bit weaker and make it cheaper)
    2) everytime i play byzantine, i only have 100 turns (in the intro it says im the mongols), can u change that?
    3)the UU have the same pictures like there counter parts. can u change the pics into new ones?
    thnx, great civs!
    Hi! I wonder if you could help me with some buttons and some art for my only CivV mod (Norse Civilization). I already have their civ-buttons, but are encountering a small problem with the regions outside of the silver ring. PM me if you are interested ;)
    Hi could put your byzantine mod in the mod download center as holy roman empire? I can't get the byzantines.

    Thanks and good job ;)

    EDIT: I have seen it. Thank you mate
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