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Nov 25, 2020 at 1:13 PM
Jul 5, 2004
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Aug 24, 1986 (Age: 34)
Ottawa, Ontario

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wicked witch of the North, 34, from Ottawa, Ontario

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Nov 25, 2020 at 1:13 PM
    1. Abaddon
    2. Abaddon
    3. SuperJay
      I totally agree re: mental health patients being described as "lazy," that's obviously what set me off in that thread. My grandfather took lithium too - and yeah, you're not kidding about the side effects. Which, ironically, is probably at the root of Inno's problem with over-use of psych meds, but he's gotten so carried away with it that his indignation leads him into belittling ANY mental illness, even very real, very serious conditions - those patients simply require meds in order to survive, and no amount of "adjustment" is going to make a severe bipolar disorder go away.
    4. bombshoo
      I'm drawing a huge blank for the "Guess the Map" thread. Go ahead and post one if you got one.
    5. SuperJay
      Epic post in the "psych disorders are all faked by lazy people" thread. :high5:
    6. Zelig
      How'd you guess its name?
    7. Zelig
      I need you to rub something for me.
    8. dwaxe
      The primary foundation for my statement that Mormons are especially dogmatic is the fact that in addition to the Christian Bible, they insist that Joseph Smith's writings are divinely inspired. All the Mormons I have spoken with (and there's a lot in my city in Southern California) believe in the tale of the Golden Plates. It's a more specific and asinine origin story than even Islam's story of Muhammad receiving revelations while meditating in a cave outside Mecca.
    9. LucyDuke
      I like you. :)
    10. Abaddon
      Oh, I can see it now :)

      How strange I couldn't before.

      I'll ask for you.
    11. Mango Elephant
      Mango Elephant
      When I get their flag, I bubble up and run out the ramp. I've only ever had trouble once or twice, but normally physic scream and dispell work wonders to keep me going full speed until I give the flag to someone who has more hp than me.

      Realm- Alexstraza, Battlegroup- Rampage. I don't play much WoW anymore, though. Cross-realm dungeons were the worst thing that ever happened in-game, imo.
    12. Mango Elephant
      Mango Elephant
      I wasn't talking about improved death. I was talking about shadowmeld. In wsg when our flag carrier is holding their flag, I shadowmeld in the enemys flag respawn place, so as soon as our fc loses the flag or captures it I'm ready to get the respawn. Also shadowmeld/physic scream is a pretty beast combo when defending. And humans are so boring, I don't play a fantasy game to be something I am irl.
    13. Mango Elephant
      Mango Elephant
      Probley did, but my light blue braids on my character are so cute I don't care. :love:

      Besides I pvp most of the time, and Night Elf Priests are absolutley beast in battlegrounds.
    14. Quackers
      wher eu from originally
    15. Karalysia
      omg like i know right"? isn't he so haaawttt?
    16. Tekee
      I go to Notre Dame Catholic School :))) On Broadview :D
      Should I try to find you?
    17. Tekee
      wow..... I take the 16 bus to Brittania/Alta Vista bus everyay to go to school....
      I live in Hintonburg, Mechanicsville :)
      Hinchey Avenue to be precise. Now everytime you go on the 16 bus when you pass by Hinchey you can be "that is where Tekee lives :D"
    18. Tekee
      do you live in the east side or the west side?
    19. Yared
      Just realised the meaning of your signature.
    20. Quackers
      what is 5 char
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    Aug 24, 1986 (Age: 34)
    Ottawa, Ontario
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    "You shouldn't be upset that you are not perfect: Take Emily! Her programming is glitchy, the left leg sticks and she's loud. Emily's got quirks, but that's why I like her. Imperfection is what makes scientific experimentation possible. Imperfection is beautiful."