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  • yeah it is very true cuz iran now is a islamic republic and islamic republic isn't a good type of iran. iran nowdays is an arab country just for religion. islam says war is bad work. iran was 12 million kilo meter in about 2000 years ago but iran is 1.650.000 million kilo meter now.
    um! it is true.
    a question for u!
    in 1400 years ago iran& korea were good friend. arabs destroyed our culture and our religion.
    and turks for 1000 years! and mongols for 200 years. you thing iran will be grow soon?
    um! it is very good.
    you know our people are very credulous!
    you sea jumong!?
    my people have forgotten our myths and ...
    thx my friend.
    all iranans are'nt muslim. Zoroaster is a iranian religion. 조로 아스터교의 교조
    Yeah, I do that for IM and IRC stuff. Not so much wall posts, depends on how tired I am.
    You mean a disparity between the two of us in terms of how much history we know? Aaah, you'd school me at anything East Asian. Probably anything about the history of the Catholic Church, too.
    Nope, I was a 1990 baby. Born a few weeks before the formal reunification of Germany. Why the despair?
    Considering a little rhyme, my version.
    The Chinese new year is approaching, it would be so cool if you paste it on your door as the spring couplet.:cool:
    You can't do this.:mad:
    Incite my curiosity and then "pass".:mad:
    The poem is hilarious, but shouldn't it be "底裤"(briefs)?
    I figure it's a parody making fun of the superman.
    No more revisionist history, but Korea is in dire need of a sober, mature, and honest reevaluation of the past 150 years of our history and a better understanding the histories of other people in the region and elsewhere. Less histrionics when dealing with Japan and China, more sober skepticism when dealing with the US.
    When I first got here in 2003, I was pretty much a news junkie and was working on a degree in International Relations, so I followed the local politics as best as I could in English. Since then - I can't say whether this is due to getting older, burnout from studying, or the dismal state of affairs the past few years - I haven't paid much attention to current events recently - stopped reading the Korea Times and Korea Herald, stopped visiting my regular news sites, et cetera.

    As far as Korean politics in particular go, I find trying to keep up to date rather disheartening. The major parties are generally useless, left or right, and the discourse tends to be a bunch of posturing with little to no substance. I remember getting sick of the old 한나라당 leader (Choi Byeon Nol?) responding to absolutely every question with "This is because Roh Moo-hyeon is too liberal."
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