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Last Activity:
May 18, 2022 at 5:07 PM
May 16, 2002
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Mar 11, 1987 (Age: 35)
Lod, Israel

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Lord of Random, 35, from Lod, Israel

erez87 was last seen:
May 18, 2022 at 5:07 PM
    1. Aiken_Drumn
      NES Updated :)
    2. Aiken_Drumn
      Sorry to pester already, but eager to kick the NES off. Could you please give me your nation a brief description?
      1. erez87
        Hey sorry for taking so long. I went on vacation until Sunday.
        Nov 6, 2021
    3. Jehoshua
      A point or two in the long-game to neutralising the trilobite menace in Nessperia if you will plz. Perhaps through advancement of arachnid or cephalopodal life.
      1. erez87 likes this.
    4. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      Last call for orders my friend!
    5. Nuka-sama
      <3 Love you too ;)
    6. Nuka-sama
      Game on! Either way, no hard feelings? :) OOC of course, IC I expect we will try to destroy one another :p
    7. Nuka-sama
      Sent orders an hour before they were due, aka 1 AM on my time zone. I forgot our marriage but I would love to initiate it again this turn if you are willing
    8. Nuka-sama
      House de Toullies would be interested in building better relations with your House, considering the fact that we are neighbors separated by just a short distance. If you are interested in a trade deal with us, we would also be interested in attending your Faith conference.
    9. Sonereal
      Fixed. You should be able to now.
    10. Nintz
      Cool. If you change your mind let me know.
    11. Nintz
      - added to below -
    12. Nintz
      I will note erez that in regards to the fantasy idea you had in the new NES thread, if you want help modding or decide against that game let me know. When I originally came back to the forum I had intended to start working on a game almost identical to that. However, I would rather not risk stretching the playerbase if you are planning one already. And given I've been AWOL for quite a while, you definitely would take priority over me. Though if I was to make one it would probably be like a month or something as I would want to do it right, rather than wing it as I went along. A major problem with my other NESes.

      I also would wait a bit out of respect for thomas.berubeg's NES that was like that and recently moved, just to see if there was a un-exodus and the game came back. Though I personally doubt that will happen, you never know.
    13. BSmith1068
      Correct, or saying that you got infracted for something.
    14. Amon Savag
      Amon Savag
      Same. I take breaks but I always feel the need to come back. It really is a "home", or so it feels. Complete with the family members that you both love and bicker with.
    15. Amon Savag
      Amon Savag
      We kinda grew up together. That makes us pals, right?
    16. Thlayli
      Some kings did rise, but they didn't really gain unified control. I'm going to incorporate another paragraph today giving you a bit more info.
    17. Terrance888
      As I have repeatedly argued, he is certainly justified in rejecting the application, but not the applicant in the manner he did.
    18. Terrance888
      Instead of repeating my stuff again, I agree with your points about how Azale's dealing with Arya, however justified, is uncharacteristically harsh and blunt. Too bad he is gone, though.
    19. Nuka-sama
      Dude you should join my nes :p
    20. Ekolite
      Hey Erez I have started work on a draft bill for this turn based on what we've already agreed upon, but we still have a lot to decide. We especially need to think about what to do about the latest twist in the Gaul saga, and also this thing that Immaculate has proposed. Any chance I might catch you on skype today? I'm on now if you're available, if not maybe later on?

      Let me know :)
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    Mar 11, 1987 (Age: 35)
    Lod, Israel
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    I do NESing and IOTing