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  • Hello! Given your history of interest in space NESes, I thought you might find SysNES2 interesting. There is an opening currently available. Here is the original backstory of the Seffassians, and more information on them here, under the second spoiler near the bottom. Their situation has been uncommitted and they have a number of unique opportunities for growth and development!

    Although it would appear technically complicated at first, SysNES2's mechanics are increasingly intuitive with experience, and most of the other players frequent #nes and are more than willing to answer questions and provide help with understanding them. Orders are often simple and frequently take less than 500 words to be comprehensive. Please don't be intimidated by the complexity!
    What can I do to convince you that I am not smarter than you? Should I say that it is impossible to think in a apelike manner because I am forever removed by the predetermined evolutionary process that we all are evolving from?
    what im starting to find is there is no room on these boards for a Christian that truly belives what his faith commands him to, and anyone who does is called insane in an instant
    yes ive noticed, and quite honestly many of the Catholics on this board disgust me, Ive meet many I would gladly call a Christian, but the ones here pick and choose the bible, and then use the same excuse it was written by a man without thinking god is almighty and powerful
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