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  • Hey, Still Waters is going to launch probably on Tuesday. I know you probably won't have a chance to sign-up by then, but you shouldn't be at any disadvantage and the first update cycle will last long enough to give you time to participate.
    If you join as a new character in the RP, do you want to join my Democrat Socialists as Co-leader? Also, sorry for bringing down the coalition, but as I explained in my post, due to pure mathematics, we could never form a government nor would PPP or PAU would form a coalition with us, so we would always be in opposition, which is ok if you are in opposition for a few turns, but boring if you do not have any hope of ever becoming government.
    Well, he's pretty much a hopeless case for the pacifists (he is hated as much as is possible by them), but the neutral and jingoist POPs (i.e., those in Pulias First and Armament League) only slightly dislike him. So targeting those groups would probably be the best strategy. At the same time, don't abandon improving opinions of yourself, as that will aid the coalition as well.
    Being in the coalition hasn't worsened your reputation, and indeed your popularity has made the Dawn Coalition liked slightly more. However, the opinion of said coalition is still pretty bad because of the presence of the Nationalists.
    Are we still in a coalition? If yes, shall you announce it on the thread? By the way, what do you think of the name "Coalition of the Right" for our coalition?
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