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    Romanian Civilisation and Gods and Monsters Mode

    So after posting my Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode idea post, I ended up coming up with a similar game mode that could appear as early as the Ancient Era, and plays with the darker side of early faith, pantheons and religions; Monsters of myth and legend. Again, feedback is welcome...
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    Irish Civilisation and Alien Invasion! Mode

    So I had another idea about a new game mode that could be introduced, and it's actually one I had ages ago after playing a lot of Civilization Revolution on the PS3, but now I've fleshed it out. Any suggestions and amendments on balancing are welcome, and if anyone wants to make a mod of this...
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    Nigerian Civilisation, Film Studio District, Great Filmmakers and Wonders

    So I had an idea about how to include Film into the game, as it has been an important cultural and political tool for over a century at this point. It would work in a similar way to the Theatre Square and the Great Writers/Artists/Musicians, unlocked in the Modern Era, and becomes very powerful...
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