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Farm Boy
Sep 8, 2010
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    1. Takhisis
      You have your own TVTropes page named after you!
    2. Arakhor
      I got rather the same impression from my own word choice. Put it down to the British gift for understatement. :)
    3. Arakhor
      The rest of my stay was extremely adequate. They just failed on delivering quickly some surgery that I needed, but wasn't about to die from. :)
    4. hobbsyoyo
      My favorite lines:
      'I've never seen a thread troll itself before. This must be a new thing.'
      'Well Hitler was a Jew so I'd say it's not new at all. Oh, you said thread. I thought you said head because he trolled the hell out of his own with that bullet.'
    5. hobbsyoyo
      It was a thread called, 'ASK A NAZI' in the chamber. Too bad you missed it, there were some real gems in that one.
    6. hobbsyoyo
      Best thread EVA. Join the fun while it lasts.
    7. Antilogic
      I thought I was a little--it was one of those things where I post and I think I'm sending one message but when I re-read it I don't know what I was thinking.

      All good, though, you are too generous. ;)
    8. Antilogic
      Sorry for the misunderstanding in the Mexico thread, I probably should have just quoted Zelig instead of trying to be clever about it.
    9. El_Machinae
    10. Gucumatz
      I hope you don't mind, but for the spirit of the season I will don your avatar for April Fool's!
    11. Ailedhoo
      Beyond the Lampshade's admin is considering a multiplayer game of Civ5. Consider well.
    12. Ailedhoo

      I am a member of a forum known as Beyond the Lampshade. Its a simple talking forum of debates, humour and such. Its a community. We are in need of more members. Consider well for great argument and justice!
    13. hobbsyoyo
      Nvm, u did
    14. hobbsyoyo
      Did you see my 'estrogen needle' post in the stupid and evil thread in IALS? :mischief: hehehe
    15. GhostWriter16
      Yeah, truth be told, 20 is kind of excessive:lol: 3 or 4 would have been better;)
    16. Angst
      Indeed. Been quite lucky because of it, actually. Things are nice. (Thank you!)
    17. Angst
      Thank you sincerely - I've cut my hair since, though, to a more short punky stupid thing because I felt I hadn't given myself time to look stupid ever. The curls are beautiful, but I don't feel they fit all that hair that grew on my face since I took that picture, so I'm going with showcasing my masculine features for a while. :) /randomthoughtsonhair

      anyways looks like this when i try to look especially stupid http://i.imgur.com/fn6qb.png
      I've been told it looks really good when I don't, though, so it's ok.

      ... Anyways, I really appreciate your words :lol:
    18. Angst
      Thank you. Militant atheism is asmuch a problem to me as militant theism is.
    19. Angst
    20. hobbsyoyo
      He doesn't back down for much of anything so you're right, he probably will bite.
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    I know that you can do all things, and no purpose of yours can be hindered. I have dealt with great things that I do not understand; things too wonderful for me, which I cannot know. I had heard of you by word of mouth, but now my eye has seen you. Therefore I disown what I have said, and repent in dust and ashes.