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Jul 17, 2011
Nov 5, 2005
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Jul 17, 2011
    1. Fellow
      Hey Ilduce

      I'll check the different programs of the parties and did outline what I am aiming for, the two parties being closest to my aim will get the vote; as you are pacifistic you have good chances but I won't promise ;)
    2. ilduce349
      You voted for the great PCE in the last election. Can we count on your votes again?
    3. Fellow
      LoL you could you with another member who will be the second then *smile*

      Listen , I try to get into the game and as soon as I feel like understanding the game entirerly I tell you ok?
    4. ilduce349
      Do you have any interest joining the PCE. Our party is the only entirely economic based party where all our decisions are made to favor the economic freedom of the citizens and increases the economic superiority of the country. We could do with another member, and it seems on your opinions you would be perfect to be the second member of the great party.
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