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    [GS] Production Modifiers

    I have found the issue, Warlords throne, +20% production for 5 turns after taking city. I was at peace after finishing off Egypt.
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    [GS] Production Modifiers

    I have been working on getting a high production city, and have Germany up to 657, I have been trying to take it further, but my modifiers have just dropped from 40% to 20% and I don't know why. Unfortunately I do not know where the 40% was coming from. I believe the the remaining 20% is from...
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    [NFP] Landstead / land fishery

    Hi Laurana, Thank you for taking the time to look at this; I didn't think that carbon recapture recovered tiles, but couldn't think of any other explanations to why the tiles ceased to be submerged when the city flipped to me. I had not considered that it might be a graphical issue as the...
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    [NFP] Landstead / land fishery

    Coastal lowland (2 metres) submerged. - But not submerged any more. Now with added seastead.20210428195613_1 by ferenginar posted Apr 29, 2021 at 10:55 AM
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    land or sea
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    [NFP] Landstead / land fishery

    I have just played through an Emperor level game as Eleanor (French), which I won a cultural victory after flipping all of Menelik's cities, and most of Suleiman's, and most of Trajan's. I decided to play on until I had flipped the entire continent. I was working around the coastline building...
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    [NFP] Capturing Vampire Castle

    I started a game as America, Bull Moose Roosevelt. Picking Hermetic order as the Secret Society, with their ley lines, thermal fissures and quite a lot of mountains, I got some very nice +6 +7 campuses. Went to war with Greece, then Khmer. Noticed something very odd and quite unexpected. Khmer...
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    Captured Vampire Castle
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    [NFP] Gaul First Look

    How do you change the leaders name, it should be Vercingetorix, or Vitalstatistix.
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    [NFP] Why make soothsayers so crappy?

    I don't understand why the Soothsayer has been nerfed, barring a niche strategy for faith by constantly flooding a river with the great bath, they have little benefit. You could always use them to kill off your own army, save the Ai some time. It just seems odd to release an interesting game...
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    Secret Societies Synergies

    Sanguine pact work well with the Menelik, Great bath, soothsayer floods too. Work your flood plains up to a high yield then plonk your vampire castle next to a couple of them and immediately double up the the faith of adjacent tiles. Only problem is that it then doesn't go any higher with...
  14. ferenginar Automaton Warfare doesn't give GDR

    Even more apologies, I had not realised that there were two different versions of this dedication, and that one only gives you era score. That is definitely the case with the attached file, and probably has been in every other time I thought that it had messed up when I didn't give me a GDR.
  15. ferenginar Automaton Warfare doesn't give GDR

    My apologies for the delay, it took 5 games before it happened again. Here is a save from before the selection is made.
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