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    King of the World #16: Julius Caesar

    I'd get out of slavery. you don't want revolts to spoil the party before it gets going.
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    King of the World #14: Earth18

    Neal, good job with the write up, and all the play on KOTW14. You were Dr. Frankenstein and your monster Qin killed you (yes, I know that's not how the book ended.)
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    King of the World #15: Ragnar

    Haven't been around for a while-- work. Good to see you got spanked. :lol: j/k
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    I wonder....

    Anybody financial.
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    Does the map generator take the difficulty level into account???

    The law of averages strikes again! Dun dun dahhhh!
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    Protective Wall Whip trick?

    Just so we're clear: you're putting trees into a failed wonder? How does this apply to walls?
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    King of the World #14: Earth18

    Don't be a wuss. Attack China. (Scott Bakula would.)
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    King of the World #14: Earth18

    Please, tell me more. I am intrigued. Why would the developers focus :espionage: on the top 4 leaders in the file by default? What could this mean for me in my solo games?
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    King of the World #14: Earth18

    Mad is correct. I like his thinking. However... A turnset based on Barrage would be hilarious. Qin can recover from 40 turns of this. He's got the world at his feet now.
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    Ambitious plan - too ambitious?

    what year is it?
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    King of the World #14: Earth18

    You definately want the Subcontinent to yourself, but that can wait till after you expand to Iran and SE asia, if possible. Maybe try to get into Indonesia toward the end of the turnset. That might not be doable, but the trade routes would be nice.
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    Isabelle SE Monarch

    Ayrton, you're in the wrong forum. This is for articles discussing certain topics of the game. Let me take a look at your save... Oh. You've got Warlords. I don't have that. I have BTS. I don't know how to open your file. Sorry.
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    Can six months not playing civ really have improved my game?

    The real question is "were you on these boards during those 6 months". If you were, that's what did it.
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    How should I proceed?

    3rd city should have been 1W to lose peaks and be riverside for levee. Also you will get more grass plains. But that'll do, pig, that'll do.
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    King of the World #14: Earth18

    I agree. Neal, I suggest you change the names back to standard on your last turn, but put an X or something after them, so we'll all know where you've been. Since you're in-game it's not as big a deal to you, but for us just reading the writeups, we have to look at the color of the names to...
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