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Sep 14, 2020
    1. Ailedhoo
      Planning Oz, huh?

      China will be happy to trade with Oz! :D

      Maybe we could also send Buddhist and Taoist missions if you approve ;)

      Either way we want a good relationship.
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      2. filli_noctus
        Following the completion of the nation details I don't think missionaries would be permitted. Trade is good though.
        Sep 18, 2018
      3. Ailedhoo
        So happens I am a quasitheocracy; anyway made my sign up though still WIP. Potential for your realm to kowto... I mean make trade deal with China?
        Sep 20, 2018
      4. filli_noctus
        We'll have to see the initial state of play before working out details, but in principle yes.
        Sep 21, 2018
    2. dot80
    3. christos200
      I'm continuing.
    4. Daftpanzer
      PS Thank you!
    5. Jehoshua
      You should consider joining Dominatr's NES/IOT thing. The more people join the better, and it doesn't look too bad now he's dispensed with the most egregious mechanical issues.
    6. Patriotic_Fool
      Any IOT games going?
    7. Jehoshua
      I would advise you make that forest of yours in the god game a new bit of land (you can almost certainly fit land creation within the same action), there is too much ocean methinks at the moment and we probably won't able to rectify that aesthetic problem after this turn ;)
    8. Jehoshua
    9. Tambien
      Might I direct you towards the GaPesque IAAR, Babylonian Statecraft, that I'm starting in the CiV forums to attempt to contribute to activity?
    10. Jehoshua
      True that, consider me in :p
    11. Omega124
      Sorry it took so long to respond; I wanted to get the history it self up first so you could read it. 1929 is when Canada first rebelled and 1932 is when independence was recognized.
    12. Omega124
      I just want to mention that Canada leaves the commonwealth in my history far before 1936, just as a warning.
    13. Ailedhoo

      I have created Intrigue of Magic, a classic style fantasy IOT!

      Consider well! :D
    14. Jehoshua
      secondary reminder that it would be good of you to vote in the affirmative for the Imperial Reform Act, and in the negative with regards to the Social Democratic Constitution in Brave New Realpolitik.
    15. Ailedhoo
      After my exam this afternoon I will begin to brainstorm a plan to set a IOT in BTL based on the rules of Sone's New Revolution. The crowd of BTLee will enjoy the geopolitical stuff and I think some IOT veterans are needed to add to their enjoyment. Consider well when I decide to create the game officially.
    16. Jehoshua
      Jehoshua , this NES might be interesting for you if you want to have a look at it. If you like the look of it and want to play, just pick an unnoccupied nation, create some orders and begin trying to dominate all life :p, I'd suggest either Hungary, the United Proletarist States of America, or Libya if you're interested.
    17. christos200
      Do you want to join ChristosIOT? It is simple and you will not need to spend too much time.
    18. Patriotic_Fool
      Hey filli! Can I get in on the "Council of Chiefs" social group, now that I have land?


    19. Patchy
      Thanks for the tip, but i usually check out books from a library so I won't have to worry about that.
    20. Patchy
      Thanks for the input, i'll definately check it out now. :)
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