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Sep 14, 2020
Nov 22, 2010
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Sep 14, 2020
    1. Jehoshua
      you could just make it a run-of-the-mill law though, instead of tampering with the constitution...
    2. christos200
      Ok. i will PM you with the questions.
    3. christos200
      IOT valkyirie:

      Do you remember when you interviewed my Prime Minister in MPR? If you want, we could do the same but this time I will interview your Prime Minister. I am sure that the Greeks will have an interest in Timor since there is the second largest Greek Minority in Timor.
    4. christos200
      Will you accept the dominion status in IOT Valkyrie?
    5. Tambien
      Sorry, :sad:. I forgot a little :blush:. The only reason I was so anxious is because I have it from. . . Reliable sources that Jehoshua has. . . Plans. Of course.

      Anyway, very wise, my Princeps. ;)
    6. Tambien
      FILLI! You need to declare the two laws passed, or vote NAY so they tie as you are the only one that hasn't voted.... In addition, you need to vote on my proposal to repeal the Praefectus Urbi's unconstitutional action.

      The tally of the two proposed laws:

      Basi Legis
      Aye: 2 (Flavius, Camillas)
      Nay: 1 (Caelius)
      No Vote Yet: 1 (Claudius)

      Rights of Roman Citizens
      Aye: 2 (Flavius, Camillas)
      Nay: 1 (Caelius)
      No Vote Yet: 1 (Claudius)
    7. Tambien
      First thing after Senex. :D Make sure it doesnt take too long, if you please. ;)
    8. Tambien
      So... uh... did you open the floor to ALL discussion, or just discussion of Senex?
    9. Tambien
      Filli! Please open the floor to discussion in the IR Senate! (And check the Legal Group, IP)
    10. Civleader
      Hey Filli, though you might want to check this out: Imperium Romanorum
    11. dot80
      Please check the Feud AAR SG
    12. Jehoshua
      schism of islam = achieved :D
    13. Jehoshua
      You should consider joining Dawn of Colonisation.

      If you do decide to join it though I would suggest that you occupy somewhere in central or eastern Europe (Germany, or perhaps Lithuania/poland region) to occupy one of the maps voids. Another option would be western Africa, but thats more restrictive and less likely to be interesting.

      Oh and you should definitely, DEFINITELY, if you join, adopt the Orthodox Catholic Faith ;)
    14. Jehoshua
      You know... It may be a good idea to train up a military unit sooner rather than later. We are in a war and I would rather not keep a military unit up Delphi's way indefinitely.
    15. Aaronius
      Anonymous message for Lord Phillipo,

      For the syntagma of Delphi perhaps you should incorporate religion as much as possible. The city site seems uniquely amenable to religious overtones, with the sacred river and valley, and of course the mystical fountain. I could see this city as being closest to the gods of all of the future empire. Just a thought...
    16. Tambien
    17. Jehoshua
      Hey FN, you should vote for a PM in the electoral chambers SG.
    18. Jehoshua
      I suggest you vote (as casual observors can) by PM'ing Lighthearter in Star of the Shogun: Realpolitik, for the Isolationist Party and the Giant Robot Party. The current frontrunner is a perverse union of the communists and imperialists who only unified in an attempt to snatch victory from the true Japanese, that cannot be allowed to stand (thus this voter recruitment drive :p)
    19. Jehoshua
      GaP news: Rome has Knights.
    20. JohannaK
      Ok, then. I hope you play them well and win.
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