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    Nuke Happy Warmongers

    As far as I know its no problem with compatibility. But the idea came abit random. I was playing on a normal earth map to test the new mods n stuff. Unfortunatly I buffed barbarians a bit and since th eonly thing that spawned in North America were 2 citystates, it got settled very lately. As I...
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    Nuke Happy Warmongers

    I would love to try your mod but I already have a experiment running. Yes I downloaded a mod that adds dinosaurs into the first era. Yes im now trying to convert every dinosaur there is with apostles. Yes its actually funny and goddamn hard
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    Real Strategy (AI)

    Trust me this mod works. I had a emercency because i took a capital. Nubia completly ignored my troop s runned straight into the city and captured it. And yes I lost two crossbowmen on the double shoot promotion wich is awfulllll
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    Civ6 - Wildlife Mod

    I recently got Gathering Storm and now it works perfectly! It's really fun to play with. For all those that wan't barbs to be even more terrible get the prehistoric expansion and the revenge of the barbarians mods too. They all work good together.
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    GoldenAge - Brave New World

    This sound interesting. My I add German civilopedia entries?
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    Real Natural Disasters

    Hey Infixo If there's a good tutorial on how to do it i would like to add civilopedia entries for German and English since I guess i'm quite good at English and German is my native language and I really like the mods you made and the effort you put into it.
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    [GS] Revenge of the Barbarians

    Okay i combined your mod with wildlife and the prehistoric wildlife. Let's just say it was a bad idea. :) I'm playing on the standart world map and none of the leaders started in america. The bad thing is theres just that many barbarians n stuff so i can't even get there before my ship/settler...
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    Civ6 - Wildlife Mod

    Figured it out smh they don't work without gathering storm. Thanks anyways i am looking forward to get the dlc and download your mod!
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    Civ6 - Wildlife Mod

    I actually wanted to comment on steam but you can't comment if you don't own the game from steam. Modding worked with every mod even if I got it from steam. Then I will download the new version from steam and give you feedback. Thanks for your help! :)
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    Civ6 - Wildlife Mod

    I don't know if you still check the messages here but im having a bit of trouble with the wildlife mod. It somehow appears that no animals get spawned. Is maybe Gathering Storm required in order for this mod to work? Maybe the problem is that i got civ from epic? This is my error in the lua...
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