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  • I figured, which is why I put "LOLs"... just thought you might find my anecdote about my dearly departed Dad's (US Military) experience mildly amusing.
    Well, I gather that, since you are adequately equipped (and hopefully, trained) to produce meals for yourself in only half an hour, I think that you will prove to be capable of fulfilling your duties with care and alacrity.
    I like how you casually name-dropped Birmingham and Cheltenham into the NZ racism thread, when you seem to be the only Briton actually posting there. :)
    Completely unsolicited, but I had a sudden urge to let you know that I respect your posts and always find them a pleasure to read. :)
    It cracks me up that your probably one of the manliest of men on the forums and yet for all that you still get that women are hard done by in a lot of things.
    I read your awesome post on Roman provinces over in the history questions thread. Could you recommend me some literature that deals that kind of stuff (Roman imperial structure, local governments, foreign attitudes, etc)? I'm interested in the evolution of the state from the late Republic to the early Empire, and more specifically what effect it had on different levels of Roman society.
    Also, I've just noticed that 'Big Bottles' would have worked in the title, and the missed alliteration is bothering me.

    Damn you. Now it's bothering me too! :)
    I fully agreed with you with the dangers of deference once I understood what you were saying. It's very telling (IMO) that several points have been made to show why deference to the judge is a good thing in that it facilitates legal proceedings and such but all of the points I've seen to support the notion that you can say what you want are precisely that -- 'I do what I want!', which again, is childish IMO.

    I just haven't seen a good reason yet why we should all be allowed to curse out judges and so much of the conversation has revolved around the personal or professional failings of the judge himself as if that justifies disruptive behavior in court. Granted, he is the subject of the thread, but people are using his bad behaviors as evidence to support the notion that no judge deserves respect and no courtroom should disallow any kind of speech.

    If I were a judge, I'd find that evidence inadmisable!
    Hey, sorry if I went overboard yesterday in the 'did this judge do the right thing...' thread with the whole 'crapping on a generation' line. :D

    BTW, I am completely mistified how people think that kind of behavior in court is acceptable. You can question the judge's credentials, you can question the severity of the punishment, but you can't really question the fact that that kind of behavior simply can't be allowed in court. People who are arguing that they have unlimited free speech and the right to tell a judge to 'eff off, mang!' live in a different reality I think. It seems to be a very selfish and immature point of view in my opinion.
    Hey I was curious if you saw my post about England and Wales in the Falklands thread. I know it was off topic for that thread but I would like to read you views on what I said in a message.
    I wanted to personally thank you for looking over my resume. I deeply appreciate your help.
    Best regards,
    Good day.

    You might be intrested in Imperium Offtopicum, a series of geopolitical forum games here on CFC. Two of note that might be of note are IOT: Great Journeys and Fight and Don't Die, the former is space based and the latter set on Earth.

    Observe and consider these games for great justice!
    And on the battlefield, the frequent rotation of commanders mean that they have usually moved on before we know if they've actually won anything or not. Which allows endless blame shifting.
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