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  • Sure. The point one author was making in a radio interview I was listening to the other day though was that the generals weren't really being held to account for their performance. And that is a very real problem in the US service, even if it is not in the British service.

    Now while this applies to warfare, it also applies to everything generals (and admirals, let's not leave them out) do. As an example, there is a law on the books in the US that the commanding officers of a military posting are responsible to have the financial books of that command straightened out and balanced. They should be accounting audit ready. Well they are not. None of them.
    It's also increasingly being talked about that the failures of Iraq and Afghanistan are as much military failures as they are political failures. And that the generals are the ones responsible for that.
    :lol: I think that we do, or at least have in the recent past, if not at the moment. But just that it's overshadowed at the moment by the opposite trend.

    I don't know to what extent you've been following it, but this conversation is very much what is being talked about in the Gen Petraeus, Gen Allen scandal that's going on over here at the moment. During Vietnam the US public swung too far to blame the soldiers for what the politicians had gotten them into. There was a reaction to that that has had the soldiers really put on a pedestal above reproach in the minds of many. As a result there has been a lot of excess slack given to the soldiers, and particularly the officers, and they haven't been held accountable. Now the woman of the scandal is clearly one of those who worship the soldiers for being soldiers. And so attitudes are thrashing back and forth.
    Appreciate you input. See "teacher sex thread" and "US prepares for civil war" where you echo my sentiments but basically make sense of my babble. Keep up the good work:goodjob:
    The reason I have 0+ posts so far is that I'm only posting in the forum games-section. :)
    I joined the forum due to that as well. Thank you for your time.
    I dig amphibious warfare as well. Cool post and about time. Although, I'm not clear what disadvantages/advantages are rolled when the defenders retort an amphibious attack. Could you help with that? I just know what badness happens to us if there is no amph. promo.
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