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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    I hope this post answers your question.
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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    Gold-rushing is only possible if you run the Universal Suffrage civic (requires you to have researched Democracy). The gold-rush button is below the DRAFT button.
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    Welcome New Members

    You can find info here: The Modder's Guide to Civ4 XML Tutorial Part 1: Adding Civs XML Tutorial Part 2: Civ Info XML Tutorial Part 3: Leaders
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    Polish translation

    Personally I have no clue but you can find some Polish users in this thread, maybe they know more. :)
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    latin american civilization

    I'd like to see a few latin american civs, maybe Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Even if it's just so I can use them in a scenario.
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    Ignore function that actually works...

    Yes, please give us the ability to completely hide people who just can't keep their politics rants in the offtopic forum. :cringe:
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    A way to hide/ignore threads?

    I second this feature request. :religion:
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    Why have there been no stories of the legendary status of the Civ 3 ones?

    It stops the download but it can restart where it left off. Here's an article about download managers: There are also links to comparisons and reviews of download managers on that page. I haven't used one in some time but I remember that GetRight...
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    Why have there been no stories of the legendary status of the Civ 3 ones?

    You could use a download manager, start it whenever you go online and have it download in the background until you close the connection again. After a few days it should be finished.
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    What Civs Would You Have?

    Core America Carthage China Egypt England Germany Ghana Inca India Iroquois Khmer Mongols Persia Rome Russia Spain Sumer Zulu Exp1 Arabs Aztecs Brazil Greece Hittites Polynesians Exp2 Argentina Babylon Byzantium Maya Ottomans Portugal
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    what civics do you run?

    Representation, also Police State Bureaucracy Serfdom, then Emancipation Free Market Organized Religion, later maybe Free Religion
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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    You could improve the land in preparation for another city you're going to build next door. Resources will also still need their specific improvements (and road/river connection). Edit: I guess you could also slow down invaders by putting useless improvements near your borders and having the...
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    What 5 Civilizations Should Always Be In Civ?

    Mongols Egypt Spain Persia Sumer Why? Because they're my favorite civs.
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    How violent are you in civ4 compared to civ3?

    The number of wars has stayed about the same but most of the time they're now limited wars to gain control over resources, wealthy cities or choke points, rather than entirely wiping out a civ.
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    Brutal Dictators

    I rarely use slavery and never draft my people. Usually I choose serfdom, then emancipation(labor), and bureaucracy(legal). Police state becomes my government civic later in the game, and I frequently engage in "preventive" wars to acquire resources, stop neighbors from becoming a threat and...
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